April 19th Photo-A-Day THRONE

This one might be due to the fact that we just spent 2 weeks binge watching Game Of Thrones. We are caught up. All in time for the very last season!??! WhatTHEWHAT?!!!  Should have never watched it. Now I am so vested in these characters! I’m going to be so sad to see this story end.

Course, everytime I fall in love with a character……….. well, no spoilers here just a big WOW I DID NOT see THAT coming!!  Every single episode. HOLY MOLY!!!

ANYYYYYWAAYYYYYYYYY No, I don’t have an Iron Throne. I’m also not going to post another toilet picture……… although that is what my Grandpa called the toilet.

Game Of Thrones has some of the coolest decor! Yes, a litt okay a LOT on the dark side but very cool nonetheless. One thing that I kept pointing out to The Husband is the chairs. I HAVE ONE of those!!

My Grandfathers Mother brought a chair with her from Ireland in 1875. I don’t know anything else about the chair. I don’t know who created it or where she (my Great Grandmother)  got the chair I just know it’s always been in my house. From growing up and still now. Always, ALWAYS called Grandpa’s chair.

Growing up I HATED this chair. It was my job to dust and oil it. It’s filled with tons of nooks and crannies which took FOREVER to clean. Which reminds me it really does need a good cleaning again. Dang chair! I wish I didn’t love it as much as I do now that I’m older!

This chair really shows that I am a TERRIBLE housekeeper! This chair is so dusty! Yup, the ghost of my Grandpa will be visiting me tonight!!

Anyway, at the top of the stairs just outside the master bedroom sit’s Grandpa’s chair.

In honor of Game of Thrones I draped the Bear Blanket that Alice gave me  over the arm. VIOLA! I give you my own Game Of Thrones THRONE!!



  • Kate Sarsfield

    I’m another one who hasn’t watched it despite all the hoo-ha! A lot of it was filmed over here in Ireland and I know some of the extras so maybe that’s kind of put me off – I’d be too distracted!

    I’m sure if you researched the design of the carvings you’d be able to find out more about Grandpa’s Chair. It’s obviously one of the carvers from a dining set and looks like an important one at that! Who knows, in some dusty castle or grand house there’s a dining table missing one of it’s chairs?

    • Connie Gruning

      KATE!! Knowing some of the extra’s would make me want to watch it more!!

      Ohhhhhhhhh Grandpas chair could have been part of a dining set. What an amazing set that would have been. I wonder now if all the family took a piece. I wish I had people to ask!! All the things that I wish I would have asked my Grandparents and didn’t, this would be one of them. WHERE IS my time travel machine?!?!

  • Michele Soyer

    What an amazing chair.. and the history behind it….wonderful… When this season of Thrones is over I will watch it from the start in a long binge…

  • Tamra Phelps

    I haven’t watched it yet. They went to long between seasons, so I decided to wait until it ended and then binge it.

  • Dana Rodriguez

    We have watched every season since it started. I am sad this is the last of it 🙁 hahah I like your throne!

  • Rosie

    I’ve been seeing comments on FB about Game of Thrones. I haven’t ever seen an episode, and am wanting to avoid it, as I don’t want to be instantly addicted!! No matter how good! This is a cool chair, a little dust = patina!!!!! A lot of dust = character! One reason I keep trying to limit how many decor items, I hate dusting nooks and crannies, too….

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