Spring Ain’t All Sunshine So Get Your Home Ready!!

We’re moving quickly out of the gloom of winter now, the days are getting longer and brighter, but there’s still plenty of wind and rain to go around. Spring is here and while you might be happy to get out of the chill that doesn’t mean that there aren’t still a few risks to home, health and family you shouldn’t be aware of. Here’s how to make sure you have a blooming great spring.


Keep on top of that garden

The grass is starting to grow again and, with it, comes all the busyness of the garden. Weeds, overgrowth, vines and the like can easily start to take over your outdoors, so it’s important to start taking care of it early and often. Make a garden maintenance schedule that does a little bit every week and it will be much easier to stay on top of. Don’t forget to trim hedges and trees if you want to avoid leaves getting stuck in your gutters, leading to drainage problems and leaks.

Watch out for those uninvited guests

With the growing gardens, all the pests can come out to play, as well. Depending on where you live, your home could be at risk from all kinds of pests, from ants to beehives to rats and even birds. Make sure you keep an eye out for signs of pests in the home, such as droppings, scratches and nesting material, and call pest control as soon as you believe you might have an unwelcome guest. If you have a garden with growing produce, make sure to protect it with companion plants and pesticide as well.

Don’t let it rain on your parade

Spring might be much sunnier and brighter, but it’s also a lot wetter than the other times of the year. As such, it’s the perfect time to check your roof and make sure that you don’t need a roof replacement. Issues such as cracked, chipped, or missing tiles can leave the attic of the home vulnerable to rain. Water can start to infiltrate, leading to damp, mold, and the distinct possibility of having to replace ceilings and walls if water damage is allowed to infiltrate too much.

Beat the heat

It might not be reaching record breaking temperatures just yet but that’s exactly why now is the perfect time to make sure your home is ready for the summer, rather than waiting for it to arrive. Make sure to check your air conditioning and electricans to ensure your appliances are ready to keep the home cool. If you’re in a new home, then make sure you look at your insulation, and check all the vents in the home and change the filters if necessary. Beat the heat before it arrives rather than finding yourself sweating through it all when summer does finally drop.

Though it might be getting sunnier and brighter, don’t forget that every season brings its own challenges. Make sure your home is ready to face them every time without fail.



  • Kate Sarsfield

    Critters I can cope with it’s the garden that’s breaking my heart (and my back). It’s almost an acre and too big for just me. I could do with reliable help but the farmers are busy, so no-one’s available. I’d love to turn it into a donkey sanctuary but that’d mean more work!

  • Dana Rodriguez

    These are great reminders. We live in a rental house but we do have to take care of the yard ourselves. And living in a wooded area in muggy SC there are always plenty of critters to deal with. Especially crawling, flying and slithering ones.

  • Crystal K

    Thanks for these reminders! These are great. We’re lucky we moved into a house with a very recently replaced roof so we won’t have to worry about that for a few years!

  • Rosie

    With nice spring weather, many of these chores aren’t as much of a burden, it is cool enough to not feel sweaty and warm enough to not be bundled up. I’m looking forward to spring. Another dark and rainy day today!

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