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Isabelle Grace Jewelry is one of my favorites!  I love their jewelry. Not only is it well made but it’s stunning!!!  Check out the Zodiac Bead Bracelet.  This is a Scorpio bracelet beads are the most stunning green!! The charm is silver and about the size of a dime.
This is a stretchy bracelet, the beads are 6mm.

I’ve learned two things since I received my bracelet. First this is a very well made bracelet!! Two year old Alice has pulled at this bracelet more times than I care to count and my bracelet is still perfect!!  Second, as I pry Alice’s hand off my bracelet, I learned this child is freakishly strong!!


Scorpio you are bold and powerful at times and then secretive and withdrawn. It makes us want to know more about you! Show off your strong-willed personality and wear your passion proudly with our Scorpio Zodiac bead bracelet.
Made with 6mm beads on a stretch bracelet, one size fits most. Zodiac charms are hand cast bronze or silver, approx. the size of a dime.  There are three colors of beads to choose from.  Silver or Copper for the charm.

aweoifI think I need one bracelet for each grandchild.  How fun would they be all stacked together???

Jewelry is handmade, so allow a couple extra days for your order to ship.

Check out all of the awesome items over at Isabelle Grace!!  IT’s the PERFECT place for truly meaningful gifts!!

Inspire Your Daughter To Maximize Her Potential This School Year
If she needs a little motivation to get back into school mode, the below inspirational pieces will give her the perfect bit of encouragement. The pieces are a fashionable balance of simplicity and sophistication, and most of them are inspired by quotes found on Pinterest by Isabelle Grace Jewelry founder Claudia Montez!

Pictured left to right, top to bottomSoar Tag Necklace ($85), A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes ($105), Love Floating Pendant Necklace ($105), Stars Can’t Shine Without Darkness($105), To the Moon And Back ($105), She Flies Pendant Necklace ($105), Hope Floating Pendant Necklace ($105), Refuse to Sink ($105), and Let Faith Be Bigger Than Fear ($105).



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