How to Increase Engagement for Your Trade Show Booth Display!

When you participate in a trade show event to market your business, the design of your booth can either lure in customers or do the opposite. A first-time exhibitor can easily make certain mistakes that can automatically reduce customer engagement. Getting help from a company that specializes in displays like Island exhibit displays is the way to go. The whole purpose of attending a trade show is to promote your company’s brand, products, and services to potential customers and other businesses. There are some design tips you can consider to ensure that your trade show booth display is outstanding.

  1. Brand all your content

No matter how big or small your trade booth is you should have high-quality branding. You should use consistent branding for the whole booth. Consider all the items you will be showcasing at the event, ensure that all of them are branded well and consistently. All the images, banners, giveaways and any other design items should showcase your brand theme. ExpoMarketing is an award-winning U.S company that makes trade show displays that are eye-catching and meaningful. Call them today to get your very own custom-made trade show display that will help you gain engagement from attendees at a trade event.



  1. Let people know about your brand

If you are just starting out in business, most of the people who visit your booth might not know anything about you. As a result, you should be clear about what you are selling, and why the people should care. For instance, you can put up a huge banner that describes what your company does. This may be an effective way to increase customer engagement. When your message is clear, only the people that are interested in learning more will visit your booth.

  1. Aim to be extraordinary

Trade shows tend to have stiff competition, therefore standing out from the rest is important. You can do this by implementing a color that is bold and strong. Often times, many companies choose to use blue, gray or white for displays. Given that a higher percentage of the booths have used such colors and you extraordinarily use bright red, attendees at the event will take notice. Bold designs usually attract interested people. If you cannot use a bold, strong color, having your members of staff move around and lure people to your booth is also a good option.

  1. Let Loose

Repetition is common in trade shows, which can make them boring. Attendees view the same items repeatedly and nothing is fun. You have just one shot to capture people’s attention, therefore why not put in the effort to show that your brand is fun rather than too serious. Don’t be that kind of booth with one individual and a laptop that will not entice many people. Look for creative ways such as games or quizzes to make people come to you.

  1. Equip your display with technology

Handing out brochures to everyone who passes by, interested or not, and trying to convince them by word of mouth to come to your booth is an old-fashioned method. You should instead equip your booth with interactive display features that use technology to draw people to your stand effortlessly. Undoubtedly, most persons love to be in control, and you will be handing them just that by having a digital, contemporary and interactive display. You can use video and monitor displays, kiosks equipped with laptops or iPads, or workstations.

Are you in need of custom trade show displays to have a fruitful trade show? ExpoMarketing is here to help. This company has been creating outstanding, customized solutions for a wide range of trade shows for many years. Their work is top-notch and you will not be disappointed.


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