April 20th Photo-A-Day I SPY

No, we aren’t going to play I SPY with my Little EYE. We are talking I am really a SPY.

Well, technically I’m not the spy in person. BUT y’all know how much I love my trail cams. I catch the best pictures ever! My trail cams are probably what keep me from being eaten by a bear but…………. I probably could run fast for a minute or two once that adrenaline kicks in??

Anyway, thanks to the trail cams I don’t have to worry. I get great pictures.

SOMETIMES I get pictures that kinda freak me OUT!!

I’ve shared some ghosts and ufo’s however, THIS one really freaked me out!! WHO THE *#($@&$^?? IS THIS?!?!?!?

Again, we are off a 1 mile long driveway. We are on the top of a mountain.

Now let me show you around the trail cam.

This was a new spot for my camera. I ummm will be keeping it in this spot for a while.

Normally, I get pictures of trees when the wind blows or these type: Us coming and going. Fedex. Deer. AND now mystery drivers and walkers in camo gear. WHO KNEW?!?!

Double pane windows means we don’t hear this stuff. The living area, bedroom and my craft room all face the other way. So I guess this means the party is in the back of the house while we aren’t watching!!

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooo weird. RIGHT?!?! That last picture above with the deer shows our circular driveaway. Our house is the end of the road.

So Kate about that scary book……………. hummmmmmmmmm do I really want to read it??  Debating debating!! Yes, I think I still do. Title?