Writing! Writing! A Joy With Pilot Pens!!

Y’all know I have a real addiction to pens.  Yes, pens; those lovely instruments that put ink on paper. Those instruments that write love songs, create moving novels or in my case keep my calendar up to date.  I’m probably the real reason that pens are on chains or have huge flowers attached to them. Yup, the pen whisperer! They just follow me home! HONEST!!

Shoplet pensShoplet (don’t forget to use your Rakuten account. 2% back!) and Pilot Pens graciously sent me several packages of pens that I can’t wait to tell you about!! Let’s start with the Acroball Pro Hybrid Pens

This is not just a good-looking pen, but the pen is very comfortable to hold and write with. Each pen looks great too; subtle colors of red, blue, and gray with a matte silver clip and barrel. The pens weigh enough to know this is a quality pen. The ink glides across the paper like a gel pen and dries instantly without a single smear.  The grip on each pen matches the color of the ink.

These pens are a true pleasure to write with. The medium ink is 1.0mm with hybrid ink. Hybrid ink combines the vibrancy of gel ink with quick-drying ball point ink to make your writing smoother.

Acroball Ballpoint Pens – These pens write inshoplet pens a fine point black ink. These pens are white with teal, lime green and sky blue accents. This makes these pens really stand out!  The barrels are have another comfortable grip that I can use for hours. No slipping! This pen is comfortable! Secure to hold!! Another joy to write with.  My favorite pen to write with is a fine point pen. I like the look and I love that I can fit my full name on a line!! Medium points don’t always allow that.
ShopLet PensAcroball Colors Pens – Another package of medium point pens. Blue, black and red ink. These pens are super lightweight.

Not just light but they feel solid. These pens have a nice solid pocket clip with makes these easy to clip to the side of my purse; making them easy to find.  I love the solid color of the barrels of these pens. The barrel looks like just part of the pen but it’s indeed the grip and it has a nice feel to it. Just a little on the rubbery side. 100% on the comfort side.

Last and most certainly no last is the Dr. Grip Frosted Pen – This pen is SO brand new to Shoplet the picture Shoplet pensisn’t even listed yet!!  This pen has a gel grip that is like using an anti-fatigue mat for your hands! This pen means you can write for long periods of time without getting tired. The pen has heft to it and a perfect balance. The pastel frosted color of the pen barrel makes this pen really stand out. I love that this pen is retractable with a nice solid click.

This pen is also refillable which is awesome because I LOVE this pen!! The ink is 1.0mm. Perfect black smudge-proof ink.

This is a pen that looks great sitting out on my desk!

Pilot Pens really know their stuff! Acroball pens ROCK!!! I’d love to know what pens are your favorite?! Are you a ball point pen person? Ink gel? Felt tip? What kid of pen person are you?? And just for the record….. No you can’t borrow mine! Besides I have all my sick germs on them. You don’t want me to share. Honest!!

Now that I’m homeschooling Alice, I use even MORE lovely pens. I know, any excuse will work.


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  • Tamra Phelps

    I have so many pens still around from mom’s obsession, lol. She liked Pilot. She had them in every color known to man, lol.

  • Carol S.

    I love Pilot pens and I love this grip. These are not only nice looking but they make writing much more comfortable. And you are right – don’t let anyone borrow your Pilot, you will never see it again, I speak from experience! Thanks for sharing.

  • Tamra Phelps

    My Mom shares your pen addiction, lol. She does a lot of crosswords & other puzzles, so she’s on the hunt for the perfect pen ALWAYS. Pilot Pens are some of her favorites, too.

  • Dorothy Teel

    I love a smooth clear writing pen, I like fine tips on my writing and one that is comfortable to hold in my hand, from the review you posted it appears that I need to try out these pilot pens, I especially think that I would enjoy using the Dr Grip pen because holding and writing with a pen for long periods makes my fingers hurt and I need the comfort

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