Comenzar #FlickingFlamelesCandles

I’m at it again! Candles! Candles! And more candles!! While I do love the scent of aromatherapy candles I would rather have a safe house. Safe kids, safe animals. The best way to ensure that is battery operated candles. I have to admit my favorite company for my remote control candles is Comenzar. I have several sets around the house and each and every single set works with the same remote!!

What’s even better is the fact that I can set up ALL of my Comenzar candles to come on at the same time every single night! Not only can I set these candles to come on at a certain time but they go off at the same time!! All of my candles are set to cycle every 24 hours. 

On the bottom of the candles is also a simple on off switch. No need to waste my battery life if I am on vacation.

This particular set of candles includes 5 deep red candles. Deep red with REAL wax on the outside.  These look so real all the way to the flickering plastic flame that moves just like a real flame. You really do have to get up close to know this isn’t a real candle.

Three of the five Red Comenzar Battery Operated Candles require 3 AAA batteries that are not included.  The smallest two candles however do have batteries already installed both have the CR2450 Batteries which was a very nice perk. The remote also has the CR2450 Battery installed; another great perk.

The largest candle is 7″ high followed by 1 candle at 6″ and the next at 5″ high the two smaller candles are 2.7″ high each candle is 3″ in diameter. The candles look like the sides are melted and I measured the highest lip of the candles.


I will never complain about candlelight; (doesn’t everyone look better by candlelight? I know I do!) But, I truly will never complain about safe, battery operated candlelight that LOOKS so real!! These candles are safe to use around kids and pets. There will be no fire-related accidents in my home!!!



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