March 2017 Beauty Box 5 Review

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I took five-year-old Alice to the Safari Park in San Diego last week and while we were on the tram we sat behind the most exotically beautiful woman! I couldn’t help but stare each time she turned her head. The first thing that struck me was her amazing lashes. They were full, thick and long and framed her eyes beautifully. I got off the tram feeling frumpy and lash-less. Okay, maybe not THAT bad…. but I was still extremely jealous!

When I arrived home my wonderful BB5 turquoise box was waiting for me. I’m telling you somehow, someway BB5 knows what to send me every month!! This month is all about EYES!! Seriously, HOW DID they know?!?!?

Check out the loot in March 2017’s Beauty Box 5!! This month’s theme is “Don’t Be Dramatic!”  On one side of the postcard tells you the theme and the opposite side contains detailed descriptions of each product that’s included in the box.
BB5 March 2017

PRESTIGE COSMETICS ♥ True Metals Eyeshadow: WOWOWOW!! This color is intense! Highly pigmented metallic finish. I received the copper color and it is stunning! Use the eyeshadow wet or dry. #PRESTIGECOSMETICS
BB5 March 2017

BELLAPIERRE COSMETICCosmetic Glitter: I received this in Spectra a beautiful silvery base with all sorts of colors mixed in. It’s beautiful!!  The Cosmetic Glitter can be used in tons of ways! From eyes to hair, add to your bubble bath!! Add to lotion. It’s a beautiful way to catch the light and SPARKLE!!
BB5 March 2017MANNA KADAR COSMETICSLash Extending Primer:This is a mascara primer and totally my favorite in the box! This is designed to naturally lengthen and bulk up lashes before you apply mascara. Your lashes are gonna POP with this primer without falsies. LOVE this stuff!! #MANNAKADAR #MANNABABE
BB5 March 2017

BB5 March 2017SWEEPSweep Lashes: 5 sets of false eyelashes. Beautiful, long and full eyelashes! Unfortunately there was no glue included so I’ll have to pick some up ASAP! #SWEEPBEAUTY
BB5 March 2017SWEEPSweep Lash Helper: This is a must have tool to apply your Sweep Lashes. The postcard explains how to use the tool. Let me tell you what, whoever designed this tool is brilliant! Applying the lashes is quick and effortless! #SWEEPBEAUTY
BB5 March 2017

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No whines here; another great box of goodies!  Lashes to be jealous of!! I think my favorite is the Manna Kadar Lash Primer. LOVE IT! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!!!

And because I just can’t not share at least one picture from our day at the Safari Park, this is Alice at the Butterfly exhibit. How cute is this kid?! BTW I did not snap a picture of the exotic woman, that seemed rather ‘stalkish‘ but I sure did want too!
Safari Park San Diego

San Diego Wild Animal ParkI honestly believe that BB5 is 100% a fabulous buy, starting at $12 a month if you buy monthly. Lower prices if you buy quarterly and even better savings for yearly boxes. I don’t think you would be disappointed! Sign up for Beauty Box 5!

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  • Kate Sarsfield

    That false eyelashes applicator thingamabob is just what I need! I wonder if anyone makes false eyebrows? Mum’s never grew back after the chemo 🙁

  • Tamra Phelps

    I would have to figure out the false lashes because I’ve never put them on before. The Bellapierre glitter looks like fun.

  • cjsoyer

    I’ve never used false eyelashes before.. Maybe I should try it. I do love eye makeup and everything that makes them stand out and look better! 😀

  • Rosie

    I think I tried false eyelashes once when I was a teen, they are much better now it looks. I now have hardly any even to put mascara on, this sounds like a nice way to try things you wouldn’t otherwise and realize you’ve been missing out!

  • michele

    Alice is adorable by the way.. on to the box I wore false eyelashes all the time in the late 60’s then in the 70’s I stopped and now that I am old I have decided to go back when we go out.. I love the look… the eye shadow is a beautiful color….

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