Petcube The Best Gadget For Our Fur-Baby! Review

Our fur-baby Gracie is a 100 pound golden Lab. Our kids say she is more spoiled than they ever were. Well, hellooooo…. Gracie does listen better than they did! She doesn’t stay out after curfew and she has never left a mess in the house! (except the piles and piles of dog hair!) HUGE bonus she loves naps as much as we do!

While my son Zac and I were at CES2017 in Las Vegas I happened on the Petcube Booth. I drooled over the Petcube, so imagine how excited I was to be offered the chance to review the Petcube for our fur-baby Gracie!!

What’s a Petcube you ask? The Petcube is a unique device that pairs with a mobile app on my Samsung Galaxy S4 phone and my iPad which allows us to interact with Gracie in REAL time! Wherever we are! We can talk, listen and PLAY with Gracie anytime we want!!
The Petcube is a cute little 3″ square cube. It’s small enough to put anywhere and the sleek silver, black design looks sharp anywhere I put it. The Petcube has rounded corners, brushed aluminum finish and comes in 3 different colors – the matte silver (the one we have) rose gold or carbon black.

Petcube’s camera has 1080p real-time video and 138º wide-angle viewing lens.

Setup was super easy. I think loading the software and creating my profile took longer than everything else!! (AND that was fast too!) First put the charger together. Quick and easy, simply slide the outlet prongs into the adapter then plug-in your USB cord (which is included). Plug in the cube when the green light turns on you will be able to walk through the wi-fi setup quickly and easily. Seriously, not a single whine here!  Once the light on the Petcube turns white you are ready to play!

Open the app on your device to see what your fur-baby is doing. You can turn on/off the microphone; adjust the volume too. You can set alerts for motion or noises. You can even set your Petcube to share with others so that other people can play with your fur-baby. There is even an option to set the Petcube to auto play! I love that feature for times when I know I won’t be able to sneak playtime with Gracie into my day.

We found we had to calibrate the camera so that the red dot went around on the floor only. We do not need a 100# dog jumping on a wall!  Where ever you touch the screen on your device a that’s where the little red dot will land. Normally we use a red pen light in the yard and call it ‘The Bug’ so it took several times before Gracie realized The Bug was in the house. It was hysterical to watch!! The Petcube makes me want a puppy and a kitty!! I can only imagine how much fun we would have with a kitten and a puppy!!

Another great perk with the Petcube Play is the fact that you can use it as motion or sound alert device. Something big happens while you’re away and you’ll know about it.

Another perk I enjoy is the fact I can snap a picture or take a video of Gracie while she is playing. That’s so cool!! This video shows her face looking at the camera while we are talking to her….. can you tell she is like one of my own children?? I swear if she could she would roll her eyes at me!!


The Petcube has a tripod screw mount on the bottom that helps us, because the room we use this in is on the small side so we wanted to have maximum floor space. The base of the Petcube has a rubber bottom so it stays put and also doesn’t mar my wood side table.
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Petcube: Interactive Wi-Fi Pet Camera


I’m having a great time with the Petcube. I’ve found the little red dot is responsive and easy to control.  Set up was super easy. We don’t have a single whine! It’s SO FUN!!!!



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