Pentel Sign Pen Brush From Shoplet Review

Hanging out with 5-year-old Alice during the week I’ve learned that if I want five minutes of quiet time I HAVE to have something for her to do. Something creative is very important because it will hold her attention for longer periods of time. Seriously, I thought my daughter Selena at five could talk a lot; I was wrong!! Alice can out chat “chatty-Cathy” “chatty Selena” any day. (Yeah, yeah, yeah I know…. it runs in the family, the nuts don’t fall from the tree…. yadda yadda ya…..but that’s completely irrelevant to the story!)

Alice loves painting! Painting is messy so we only do it very seldom.  Not anymore!! Thank you Pentel Sign Pen Brush, Marker Pens. These pens are water-color pens but without the mess!! OH YEAH BABY!!

The Pentel Sign Pens have a flexible point tip that resembles a brush one that HOLDS it’s shape. 5-year-old’s are especially tough on pens and paint brushes and after a week of use the tips are still in perfect shape. The color is great! The fine tip makes a clean, sharp line.  Coloring in small areas is super easy (Yes, we do use them for coloring pages too) To work with the pens like water colors you can either dip tip in water or add water to the paper. I also received a water brush which is awesome for blending the colors or making the colors softer with true water-color look to your creation.

The brush tips don’t dry out even when the cap accidentally gets left off.

There are 12 colors included in the set. Light Brown, Black, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Gray, Purple, Light Sky Blue, Orange, Pink.  Add water and mix colors for endless colors!

I’ve said it a million times! Shoplet proves again they have everything from art supplies to office supplies. Whether you are grabbing supplies for students,  a home office, blog or business. It doesn’t matter what you are looking for Shoplet has it!!

Always start at Shoplet for your ♥ Office Supplies ♥ Cleaning Supplies ♥ Medical Supplies ♥ Office Furniture ♥ Pentel ♥  you won’t be sorry!!

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Not a single whine here! ADDED bonus? Alice quietly created art-work for 45 minutes! It was heaven!!



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