Letterbox Sentiments Giveaway!

Even though I use my iPad for everything; my phone is with me constantly I still use a regular paper day planner. I have to see everything all at once. Writing things out long hand also keeps me more organized. I stay more focused on the tasks at hand when I can see my work cut out for me. What can I say as far as a calendar goes I’m old school. I also NEED my day planner to be cute! I enjoy using different pen colors and stickers. I know… I’m such a geek. I just like the cute little touches. They make me smile. Might as well smile when I am faced with a mountain of work!!

These cute little stickers from Letterbox Sentiments are fun handmade stickers are designed to help anyone who is an avid planner and or organizer keep track of their daily tasks. In a fun and cute way!! These little stickers are a quick, simple, and colorful way to organize to-do lists and general day-to day responsibilities. They are not only a fun way to spruce up your daily planners, but they can be used as embellishments for any scrapbook or any craft project.

How cute are these little stickers!! I love the little birds the most!! So cute!!  The little teapot is equally as cute! Wait… it’s the camera that’s my favorite! Oh wait…maybe the little mason jars? Or perhaps the kitchen set? Ahhh they are all super cute!

Letterbox Sentiment will have a storefront up and running very soon, but for now follow them on Instagram and Twitter. They will be announcing the store opening there!


Win 3 strips of cute little Letterbox Sentiment stickers!! Super cute!! Dress up your day planner or photo album!!  Good Luck!!


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