Easy-Tech’s 2-in-1 Mobile Phone Car Mount Review

Car mountI’ve lived in Southern California for the last 34 years and yet I swear I can get lost just going to my own mailbox!! So I always have my mobile phone close at hand. Since most of the time I have very precious cargo with me; as in one cute little granddaughter; I don’t want to be fumbling around on the passenger seat or worse in my purse!!
I am really impressed with my new Universal 2-in-1 Smartphone Car Mount from Easy-Tech. TWO car mounts in one package!! After trying both the window mount and the car’s air vent mount, I’ve decided the air vent mount is my favorite. It’s SO convenient and easy to access. More importantly the GPS feature is very easy to follow!!

The Easy-Tech’s 2-in-1 Mobile Phone Car Mount, Holder is a Universal 2-in-1 Smartphone Car Mount that quickly and securely installs in your car’s air vent, or to the windshield via a lock-tight suction cup. Let me tell you, this no slip suction cup holds TIGHT!! Mounting it to the windshield the suction cup does not lose it’s hold and does not slip off. Not only is the car mount secure in place but my phone is also secure, in padded protective grips that keep my phone in place!!

The Easy-Tech car mount fit’s virtually all phones and GPS devices. The adjustable grip will open 1.5″ to 4.3″ wide. What I love most about this car mount is the fact that once I set the size of my phone I never have to re-set or re-fit my phone again. The Easy-Tech stays the size I need!! LOVE that!!

Unsure how to install your new car mount? There’s an easy to follow instructional video! These guys thought of everything!!

No matter which way I install my car mount I have a 360º degree swivel for easy viewing.

The next item I felt I HAD to have was the kick mat, ahhhh 3-year-olds!


If this 2 in 1 car mount doesn’t work for you, Easy-Tech will give you a full refund. FOR a full 2 YEARS!!


Not a single one! With my new Easy-Tech car mount my phone is easy reach. Very visible, secure and protected too. Two thumbs WAY, WAY, WAY up!!!



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