Kick Mat & Backseat Organizer Review

Why do kids have to press and kick the seats ahead of them in the car?? Why? More importantly why are their little feet always so dirty!?!? Seriously?!? I walk where they do, I do the same things they do! Why does dirt stick to them so much easier and faster?! This gets especially apparent and obvious when I have adults in the backseat of my car; they truly must think the Grandkids live in mud!!

But, wait till you guys see these Kick Mat’s!! The back of my seats are fully protected!! The Kick Mat covers the entire seat on my Honda CRV so no more muddy dirty footprints. BONUS, there are two pockets along the top; a perfect place to store the headphones and a few other essentials.

kick pantsThis mat is oversized and fits 99.9% of vehicle seats. This mat is an oval shape and measures 17″ wide by 23″ long. It’s 100% washable, just wipe it down with a damp rag.

The mat has a frame around the outside which makes it very durable and prevents wear and fraying. The mat fits securely to the seat with two straps; an upper strap and a lower tie.

What I love the most though is when the kids aren’t in the car and I have adult friends (yes, I have adult friends… I think) these fold up into a circle much like the windshield shades do and tuck away in the seat pockets. BRILLIANT!! Makes my car look nice, like an adult car. (You with children KNOW what that means!)

Wait! I changed my mind, what I love the most is the fact you receive a PAIR of Kick Mat’s!!! Most brands only send one JC Automotive sends you TWO!!!


Not a single one!! I LOVE these Kick Mat!! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!! Absolutely brilliant!! I can’t think of a single complaint!!


100% Satisfaction Guarantee! If you aren’t 100% satisfied with your kick mats – JC Automotive will refund your entire purchase. No questions asked!


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