Shutterfly Saves The Day!!

One of the worst things happened to me about a month ago; my external hard drive died…. as in years worth of photographs GONE in a split second!! It makes me sick to my stomach!! From picture of MY kids to my Grandkids. GONE!! Just sitting here writing about it makes my stomach churn again!! Pictures I’ve taken of Alice since since she was born GONE!! 3 years worth of Yosemite photographs gone!

I have to admit I was never more glad that I have been taking the time to store my digital photos on a third-party site, such as Shutterfly.  If it weren’t for Shutterfly all of my pictures would be lost forever. As it is I could already kick myself for not being more diligent in uploading my pictures, a mistake that I won’t let happen again!!

You have a lot of choices when it comes to third party photo sites, but I am a huge fan of Shutterfly. The site is easy to navigate. Not only can I store my photographs there but they have some amazing photo products too! Every year when I get back from Yosemite I make a hardcover photo book to celebrate my trip; to me these books are priceless. I have made picture books and story books for the Grandkids. I’ve made family calendars, note cards; Mother’s Day Cards and so much more.

If you haven’t checked out Shutterfly you really are missing out. Not only for great prints but seriously, the peace of mind you get from knowing that your special cherished moments that you have captured on film are safely tucked away on line. Here are just a couple of photos that would have been gone forever! UGH… there goes my stomach again! Thank YOU Shutterfly!!

Another reason to love Shutterfly is the ability to share your photo’s either by email or on your own Share-A-Sight on Shutterfly.


Not a single one!! I have my long lost photos safe and secure!!


  • Christine A.

    I didn’t know photos could be saved on Shutterfly, I thought it was just for temporary uploads to create different photo products. I save my photos on cds because I have a stack of blank cds and I also save on photobucket. I like the idea of storing photos on Shutterfly because I like the options to make photo books, calendars, cards, etc.

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