Glitter eye glass case

Glitter Eyeglass Case Giveaway!

Today you get to learn even MORE about me! Aren’t you excited??  I have horrible eyesight. I wear contacts to see.  To see anything clearly.  To read I also need a pair of reading glasses over my contacts.  I need to have glasses with me all of the time. I really can’t read without them, unless I have the print touching my nose while I squint and try to make out the print. So, glasses with me all OF THE TIME or look like a dork!

Now, glasses are not cheap. Besides once you find a pair that you really like, that fit you well and make you see nice and clear; you don’t want to scratch the lenses by just tossing them in your backpack or purse.

All that just to set you up for the cutest Glitter Eyeglass Case. A Glitter Eyeglass Case at that!!! Now don’t worry, the glitter doesn’t come off. The case only looks like it’s made of glitter.  I’ve been using my case for almost 3 weeks and it truly looks as great as the day it arrived.

I love this Silver Glitter Eyeglass Case, it’s a clam shell case that snaps shut easily. It opens easily and the most important feature is that my glasses are protected from all the dangers in my purse!! From pens to toys!  The inside of the case has a soft black velvet lining.

I love that this case arrived with a micro-fiber designer cleaning cloth. The cloth has a great design on it making it a great addition to the case. Nothing boring about this set.  BONUS! Because this case really does sparkle a lot it’s easy to find in my purse!!


Not a one. Cute case. Sturdy case! AND because of the sparkle I can actually SEE it in my purse!! This case would be perfect for your rimless glasses, reading glasses or kid’s glasses.


One lucky Peanut Butter and Whine follower will win their own Glitter Eyeglass Case!! Good Luck!!



  • Leah

    Ugh, I’m so sorry, I accidentally clicked the add this giveaway to a linky and I did not do that and I can’t take it back! So sorry! 🙁

  • Judy maharrey

    These are really cute cases, and I really need one! I am losing my glasses, or forgetting them a lot since I only need them for reading.

  • Marnie Ward

    I love all things that Glitter and this Glass case is just adorable. I like accessories that stand out and you would never have to worry about losing another pair of glasses again.

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