May 16th Photo-A-Day P

I was going to use P for paint pours. I am having so much fun with these things!! The color combinations are so COOL!!! I get all excited when I get large cells.

Cells are almost like bubbles, unique and only pop up with the correct balance of Floetrol, paint, water and silicone.

Floetrol (2 parts)
Distilled water (1 part)  I’ve also found that rubbing alcohol instead of water makes some great cells!
Silicone (2 or 3 drops)
Acrylic paint (1 part)

I’ve started using ceramic tiles which I can wipe off easily if I don’t like the design.

Pour Paint Art

Paint Pour was my first choice, then I remembered I still had a PICTURE frame to review. So, y’all get a double P today.

This is first a pretty frame.

Spy frame

But, y’all know I wouldn’t just give you a review of a plain ole picture frame right??  This frame has a built in hidden camera! (OH where was this frame when Paul the contractor stood on my stove?!?!?!?)

Spy frame

This frame has the look of metal lattice work but it is actually plastic. A strong plastic. The picture opening is 5″ by 8″ and the entire frame is 8″ by 10″. The top of the frame has the camera and you can NOT see the camera. There is no red light blinking. There is nothing that indicates there is a camera in this frame.

The picture quality is great. 720HD Day and NIGHT vision!

An amazing item for home safety

.The frame has a slot for a Micro SD card just in case you don’t want to get live updates on your phone.

Yes, that is my snow shovel and BBQ grill in the dining room…….. remember no patio…. fall to my death or in this case our brand new BBQ. So, inside it came.

Best part? (Well, other than the fact that my darling Selena and Alice are in the picture) The battery life is 365 days!! USB cord comes with the frame to charge it. (Now, where to put that cord because really 365 days?!?) The frame is completely wireless. It looks like a regular picture frame.

The frame has a built in stand in the back or screws to hang it on the wall if you wanted.

This picture frame has the latest technology built in advance PIR motion sensor alarm with 10000mAh rechargeable battery can only activating the camera system to record instantly on motion. I can send the alert to my phone or just save to the SD card.  When the motion detector is triggered, the camera sends an instant alert to my phone and records a short 10-60 seconds clip of the event. You can set how long you want the frame to record.

This is the perfect hidden nanny cam.  Dang it, THERE is my N!! I didn’t have to use aNtler after all!!

This frame would be amazing if you had a loved one in a nursing home. NO one would be able to tell this wasn’t just a beautiful picture of G’ma’s family!




    • Connie Gruning

      Crystal, I just want to do paint pours all the time. They are always so unique!! I am going to add resin to the top of the tiles and see if I can’t make hot plates. (Having a total mind freeze…… that’s what you call the things you put a hot pan on right? What the heck is it called?)

  • Dana Rodriguez

    I love the photo and the frame. I love that it has a hidden camera in it. How cool! We just installed a home security system in and outside of our house before we went on vacation. The first day our neighbor came in the house we got a notification on the phone and we could see him in the house. Jason yelled HEY YOU and scared the crap out of our friend LOL I also think your paint pours are beautiful!

  • Rosie

    I love both these ‘P’s! You are so creative, and sure know how to decorate, too, love the photo and the frame! You’re a real tech wizard compared to most people I know!

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