Home Safety! How Do You Protect Yours??

HomeHome is where the heart is. Home is where you go to relax, recharge and unwind! Home is where you should feel safe and secure! You should feel safe and secure!! It is YOUR home! Your castle! Protect your home!!! Home safety is important!

So, how do you feel safe and secure? Whether you rent or own, whether it’s a house or an apartment, protect yourself, your family, and your valuables! You start with the basics, a deadbolt door lock first and foremost. A peephole is important in my book too! I want to see who is at the door before I answer AND whether or not I want to open the door! Security systems is high on my list. One’s that have a breaking glass sensor too! Those will help keep you safe.

Not only do I want my house safe, I want the yard too! We live on the corner, our fence get’s tagged at least once a month. So the next thing we are looking into purchasing is a camera and monitoring equipment. I would love to catch those little monsters that tag our fence!! Painting a fence takes a lot of time and money too!! It’s a long FENCE!!!

Shopping for monitors, spy camera that are hidden in plain sight, like a picture frame? Add a telephone and video intercom systems, remote activated electric locks, timer delays, you should check Ilus Electronics. They have everything!! I’ve got my eye on the video intercom!! That would be fantastic between my mom’s apartment in the back of the house and the main house!!
Another tip that I learned at our local Neighborhood Watch meeting, using timers for your lights. “Bad Guys” can’t determine your real schedule when the lights come on and go off at the same time everyday. Display a “Beware of Dog” sign! It doesn’t matter whether you have a dog or not. The bad guys tend to shy away from homes that have a barking dog!

Bad guys don’t just work at night!! If they can get into your garage they can take their time to get into the house! SO, be sure to lock the garage door. Leave a radio or television on.Above all, don’t make it easy! Lock your doors and windows when you leave! I would love to know how you keep your home safe. Do you have a great safety tip to share??

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