Why Your B2B Plan Is Not To Be Right Now, And What You Can Do To Change That

When we start a business, most of us focus on impressing customers out in the real world. Your success does, after all, depend on whether such customers buy your products. Failure to foresee what they want would undo your efforts. But, what if customer interactions aren’t the only ones which matter? Your big break could come from another company rather than the clients you’re struggling to reach. Let’s face it; at this stage, you have no audience to speak of, and you’re unable to change that.

This is where a little something called B2B (or ‘business to business’) sales come in. Many new companies struggle to make a mark in industries off their own steam. As such, they find that their best option is to convince another company to buy their products. That company can then market what you sell to their client base, and thus help you get things off the ground. All you need to do is convince an established company to buy enough units from you to make ripples.

This is, obviously, easier said than done. And, while we can’t guarantee your success, we can steer you clear of mistakes which ensure no large corporation would ever do business with you.

No monetary incentive

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In business, no one does anything without money. If they did, they wouldn’t be high up on the food chain right now. No big company in their right mind would consider a startup which doesn’t provide a monetary incentive. Effectively, you need to be able to make your business look professional by proving that your product can make said company a decent amount. You can do this by using past sales figures or estimating profit margins based on their audience. Either way, you need to prove how and why you can make that company money.

A complicated ordering process

Remember that, in this way of business, your ‘clients’ are doing you a huge favor. By investing in your product, they’re giving you a leg up which you would never have otherwise. As such, you need to ensure that your ordering process is as simple as it possibly can be. Otherwise, why would they bother? If they have to spend hours entering their order everytime they need a repeat, they’ll soon look to drop you. To make sure it doesn’t happen, work with someone like a Miva merchant. By helping you develop a functional B2B store, they’ll ensure you never lose big orders because of issues here.

No future in sight

Remember, too, that every successful business looks to the future at all times. Hence why you need to show these companies how you intend to grow and develop. If you remain stagnant with no real future, there’s no way they’ll want to do business with you. Instead, you need to show how you intend to expand your company, and where you plan to take your product once it starts to sell. Otherwise, you may as well not even attend that big B2B meeting.

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