NokHoo Laptop Backpack Review

First I have to say this is an extremely well made laptop bag from NokHoo Bags. Thick heavy duty canvas. We are talking the premium canvas! The kind of canvas that will last a life time. AND Thai monsoons! I have worked with some fantastic reps during the course of this blog, some stand out more than others. Nicole Roberts (owner AND designer of NokHoo Bags) is one of those people that I am sure I could hang out with in real life. This line “Your NokHoo bag is not just pretty. It’s sturdy! It’s water resistant (due to the material and padding) which I tested by sending my husband out into a Thai monsoon with one. He’s always so helpful!”  convinced me that if I lived in Portland Oregon I would work at making Nicole my new BFF! Truly, I laughed so hard at that line because that sounds just like me! “Here Husband, go test this dangerous thing so I can write about it”

Okay, yes, I got a little side tracked there, sorry. Back to the The NokHoo bag, like I said premium canvas with a artistic flair. A design imprinted on the canvas front and then a stitched dragon on top of the print high give the bag design a 3-D illusion. So COOL!!

Inside this well padded bag is lined in a plaid cotton print of red, green, blue, yellow. Extremely beautiful bag inside and out. Padded shoulder straps make wearing this bag not only comfortable but comfortable for long periods of time.  On one of the padded straps is a pocket for my cell phone, complete with a Velcro closing cover, yea know…. Tsunami proof even for my phone. More to love about the phone pocket is the strong brass snaps. I can adjust the pocket to the height that is comfortable for ME! Not where the manufacturer thinks it needs to be, it’s a small thing, but it made a huge impact on me. I love personal customization.

The sides each have net pockets for water bottles or flashlight if your hiking. The front flap covers almost the entire length of the bag to close with a heavy duty (awesome looking!) brass clip. There is another print design at the base of the front of the bag, and a patch with heavy metallic stitching of wings, flower and a star. Simply stunning!

On the front is a zippered top area, I keep my smaller items there, gum, sunscreen, wipes and such. This is a deep pocket! It will hold
a LOT! Next to it is a brown leather NokHoo patch. Under that is a second zippered pouch although this one pouch is almost 2.5″ deep. THIS pocket is awesome! Truly a place for everything you need. From the key hook to the 4 elastic pen or stylus holders, a pocket for your credit card and ID, this camping trip I have 4 cards tucked inside and there is plenty of room for more. 2 more pockets on the bag side which easily hold my phone charger and my iPad Mini. On the outer inside of this pouch is a zippered net pouch. I have my snacks, bandanna, shopping imagebags, and other miscellaneous items. I haven’t even gotten to the main compartment YET!

Inside the bag the back area will hold a larger laptop. Since I didn’t bring my laptop camping I used this are for my Nikon and extra lenses because the area is soooo well padded! That area has a 1″ strap with a Velcro closure just for extra security keeping your laptop (or camera) safely inside. The second main area has yet another zippered pocket to stash even more stuff! I swear this bag has so much room, so much storage that you almost can’t think of enough stuff to pack! My next over night somewhere my NokHoo bag is all I will pack.

College Bound Gift Idea!!

If you are looking for a bag for a future college student let me tell you, their friends would be envious of this bag and your student will be organized and stylyin’!!!

More To Love

You can hand wash this bag with mild detergent. Hang dry, but don’t use any bleach. The zippers are heavy duty with large brass
pulls. The bag would be perfect for males or females.

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Not a single one! I truly can’t think of a single thing that I would change about this bag. Stylish, protective, organized like crazy. So uniquely beautiful to look at! Absolutely perfect stitch to perfect stitch. I LOVE THIS BAG!!!



  • Nicole

    Thank you so much for the great review! I want to know what gorgeous tropical location you took that bag to. I see palm trees and blue ocean in the background and I want to join you!!

    • Connie Gruning

      Isn’t that a beautiful beach? We just camped at Dana Point California’s Doheny State Beach. Beautiful weather!! You are MORE than welcome!! I won’t even make the husbands leave for dangerous outings!!
      Thank you SO much for this stunning bag!! It’s perfect!!

  • Judy maharrey

    I like this laptop bag! It is roomy but stylish, with nice compartments. I could see myself using it a lot.

  • Tamra Phelps

    I love the look of this bag! It has a really unique look. The dragon, etc., stitched onto it is beautiful, but it looks really strong & sturdy, too.

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