Pin Impressions Review + Giveaway

I have been obsessed with these Pin Art – Pin Impression Toys since I first saw one in Spenser’s Gifts. I have truly always wanted one; so when I was approved to write a review for Pin Impressions I was giddy. Yes, yes I am a geek. I just can’t help it!! To have a great nostalgic item like this made me happy.

Pin Impressions box is the perfect size for adults to play with and for kids too! The thick plexiglass screwed on top of 1.4 pounds of Stainless Steel Pins. The entire box is 7″ x 5″ x 1.75″. Pin Impressions is very well made, sturdy and heavy for a little box. Weighing in at 1.4 pounds.

Make pin-resting prints of everything from fingers to faces then turn it over and let the pins fall back into place and start over. There are hundreds of pins in this classic 3-D toy. So much FUN!! So addicting. Its one of the highlights here are NaNas house! The kids have so much fun with this toy!! This retro toy produces incredible 3-D detail for such a simple art idea.

It’s so easy to push an object into the pins to create instant art!! Whatever you want. The kids (okay, the NaNa too) prefer faces and hands. You can even use a favorite toy, stuffed animal,  even bottles and pens all the way to doggy paw prints. Each art piece is unique.

Since it is on the heavy side I do supervise the Grandkids while they play with the Pin Art box, I would hate for it to fall on one of them. I’d also hate to see what happens if they were to drop it. There are a LOT of pins in this thing.


Not a single one. A blast from my past; fun nostalgic item! Kids, parents and geeky grandparents all have fun with this. I personally can’t walk by it without creating a piece of art! You can get this Pin Impression in Bright Neon Colors too!!


One lucky Peanut Butter and Whine follower will win their own Pin Art – Pin Impression Toy!! The pins feel so cool on your hand! (or face!)



  • Deborah W.

    I always wanted a Barbie. My mom and dad got me a Tressie but never a Barbie. Finally when I was around 35 my mom came to visit us and brought me a Barbie. She said I don’t want to hear about the Barbie any more, ha. I still have that Barbie and will keep it until I die. My mom passed away over five years ago.

  • Robert Brown

    There are so many. I never got any video games as a child, so it would be neat to have an original Nintendo maybe.

  • Laura

    I had a bunch of things I wanted as a child. I’m a year younger then my sister, so growing up, I always got the hand me downs. It has made me thankful for all the things I have now!

  • Sandy Cain

    I always wanted a real Barbie doll. But my parents thought they were overpriced, and so bought me cheap knock-offs from the bargain stores. I didn’t even have a “real” Barbie outfit to dress her in! *feeling deprived*

  • Tamra Phelps

    I was a pretty lucky kid, I had grandparents who thought their grandchildren should have every toy on creation, lol. But I did always want a trampoline! I never got one, though. Those things are expensive!

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