• 4 Tips For Dealing With Heatwaves On Your Summer Vacation!

    Who doesn’t love summer vacation? It’s a chance to escape from the monotony of your usual life and experience some fun in the sun. We all enjoy the idea of a nice sunny vacation, but there’s one slight problem; it sometimes gets too hot! I know, that sounds like a ridiculous thing to say, but it’s the truth! Sometimes, you get caught in the middle of a heatwave, and it almost ruins the holiday because you’re not prepared for so much heat. Well, if you’re planning a sunny vacation to a hot country this summer, then I’ve got some foolproof tips that’ll help you deal with any heatwaves. Bring the…

  • Ugly Christmas Sweater logo

    Ugly Christmas Sweater PAJAMA #GIVEAWAY!!!! #uglyxsweater

    For years now I’ve been a fan of the The Ugly Christmas Sweater store. I’ve been lucky enough to do reviews and giveaways with them since 2013. I STILL love this store. I STILL love the quirky things they have. It’s the BEST Ugly Christmas Sweater store in the WORLD. Yeah, I said it. IN THE WORLD! HA! I dare you to argue with me…… and I see Sarah, Tamra, Kate and Crystal thinking about challenging me…. but DENIED. This mama Peanut declares it so. The HUMONGOUS selection of Ugly Christmas Sweaters well, the whole site has me giddy!! Every size, every style, every design of ugly Christmas sweaters you…

  • April 30th Photo-A-Day REGAL

    Let’s end the month of April with a picture of the most popular member of the family. No, not me (Yes, I DO think I am funny. Bear! She seems to have captured everyone’s heart. Right Miss Barbara?? This puppy is such a sweet, smart fur baby. Bear is a 9 months old Bernese Mountain Dog. Okay, technically she isn’t 9 months until tomorrow May 1st. She weighs a TON! I imagine she is close to 90 pounds. She is solid! When Bear decides to sit on your lap I can barely breathe! Yes, she still believes she is a lap dog. One of Bears favorite places on our walks…

  • Flowers

    April 29th, Photo-A-Day FOR SARAH!

    Half me says screw it just skip today. Then the other half says but……….. you’ve come this far!! Day 60 today!! So this one is for Sarah, she said a month of flowers. HA!! My deer already ate all the pretty purple ones! HOWEVER! Today Bear and I found these little gems!! Along with a ton of weeds, but don’t look at those.    

  • April 28th RELAXED

    First time since moving to Idaho  I ditched The Husband and drove to a local India Casino in Coeur d’Alene. A beautiful hour drive, the scenery is beautiful! Tree lined roads. No traffic! I enjoyed listening to my book from Audible. So RELAXED! So fun. So broke! Coeur d’Alene

  • April 27th Photo-A-Day TEETH

    Ohhhhhhhhh how I love to show you how unique I really am!! Noooooooo I am not going to show you MY teeth. I could show you an antique painted jar that I keep my kids teeth in. Why? I DO NOT KNOW!! After Selena lost her first tooth, I exchanged her tooth for the $.25 went to bed. Forgot that I had left the tooth on my dresser. She walked in. The small jar was the first place I thought of, dropped in the tooth and BAMB 2 kids….. all baby teeth. Why do I keep them? I STILL DO NOT KNOW!!!!!!! So, no I am not going to show…

  • April 26th Photo-A-Day NO

    So, I’m sitting here staring at my screen trying to decide which prompt to use when…………. ALONG came a SPIDER and SAT down beside her. First, I took pictures. Then I smashed. So, today’s prompt is NO! NO SPIDERS in front of my face!! No spiders on my computer. NO NO NO NO!!! That is all.