4 Tips For Dealing With Heatwaves On Your Summer Vacation!

Who doesn’t love summer vacation? It’s a chance to escape from the monotony of your usual life and experience some fun in the sun. We all enjoy the idea of a nice sunny vacation, but there’s one slight problem; it sometimes gets too hot! I know, that sounds like a ridiculous thing to say, but it’s the truth! Sometimes, you get caught in the middle of a heatwave, and it almost ruins the holiday because you’re not prepared for so much heat. Well, if you’re planning a sunny vacation to a hot country this summer, then I’ve got some foolproof tips that’ll help you deal with any heatwaves.

Bring the right clothes

A simple tip, sure, but one that’s important nonetheless! If you’re packing jeans or jumpers to go on holiday during summer, then you’re asking for a problem! In my opinion, dresses are an excellent choice. You can see on sites like fillyflair.com/ that there are plenty of summer dresses out there to choose from. You’ve got longer ones for the cooler evenings, short ones for hot days, and so on. Make sure you also bring some bikinis or swimwear as well – sometimes you have to wear as little as possible to feel comfortable in the heat!

Get a mini fan

These days, every airport sells some essential travel items that are ideal for your vacation. Amongst the travel pillows and plug adapters, you’ll find portable fans. These are small handheld things that run on batteries and can be a lifesaver in the intense heat. Turn one on, and you can get some cool air right onto your face when the sun’s at its hottest. Obviously, you can get some online – Amazon probably do them – and they’re small enough to get one for everyone in your family!

Seek out the shade

Yes, the beauty of a summer vacation is that you get to go outside and enjoy the sun. But, it’s a good idea to find some shade during the peak hours where the sun is at its brightest. If you’re at the beach, then get a sun umbrella and stay under it for a few hours to avoid the searing heat. There’s nothing wrong with taking a mini siesta during the lunch hours and staying indoors until the heat dies off. You can still enjoy the sun in the morning and late afternoon, just avoid being in it when it’s dangerously hot.

Drink plenty of water

Drink WaterLastly, make sure you and your family are constantly hydrated by drinking lots of water. If possible, try and bring your own reusable bottles in your suitcases as this saves you a lot of money and prevents plastic waste. If you see on sites like chillysbottles.com, some reusable bottles keep water cold for hours as well. These will benefit you a lot in hot climates as you’ve always got something to cool you down! If you don’t drink water, then you’ll get dehydrated, which can be very dangerous! Follow these four tips, and your family vacation will be far easier to handle, even if there’s a scorching heatwave.


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