• Did You KNOW Amazon Had……….

    Did you know you can use your SNAP card on Amazon?!?! Register a SNAP EBT card   Amazon has a WEDDING registry! Create an Amazon Wedding Registry   AND!!! Last but certainly NOT least AMAZON now sells Clinique!!! Can I get a WOOT WOOT!!!  

  • Was Your Base Exposed? A Guide to AFFF and Potential VA Claims

    Aqueous film-forming foam (AFFF) was a firefighting agent extensively used at military bases across the United States for decades. Recent health concerns linked to the perfluorinated alkyl substances (PFAS) chemicals present in AFFF have prompted investigations into potential exposure risks for veterans.  Through this blog post, we will try and guide veterans who may have been exposed to AFFF during their service. The blog post is an outline of methods to determine potential exposure and provides essential information on navigating the Veterans Affairs (VA) claims process for AFFF-related health issues. Was Your Base Exposed? Since 1960, AFFF has served as a critical firefighting tool across numerous military installations. The firefighting…

  • talcum powder

    Exploring the Risks: How Asbestos in Talcum Powder Harms Health

    Talcum powder, a seemingly innocuous household product used for various personal hygiene purposes, has come under scrutiny due to the presence of asbestos—a known carcinogen. Asbestos contamination in talcum powder has raised significant health concerns, sparking debates and regulatory actions worldwide. This comprehensive exploration delves into the risks associated with asbestos in talcum powder and its detrimental effects on human health. Understanding Talcum Powder: Composition and Uses Talcum powder, composed primarily of talc mineral, has been used for various applications for centuries. Its soft and silky texture makes it a popular ingredient in cosmetic products such as baby powder, body powders, and facial powders. However, recent studies have raised concerns…

  • Wolf Tumbler

    What’s On My Crafting Table Today……….

    Hello Little Peanuts. If you are new here WELCOME! If you’ve been around awhile you know that I am a bit (pfttttt A LOT) of a procrastinator. I tend to wait until the last minute to finish things. For instance, the Christmas Craft Fair here in Sandpoint Idaho, I decided a week before the fair started to dip my toe in. I made a dozen Christmas themed t-shirts. I had always made t-shirts for family and friends.  Mostly Granddaughter Alice. She cried UNCLE! No more t-shirts!! Anyway, I really didn’t expect any of the shirts to sell. Not only did they sell, but, I sold ALL my T-shirts in the…