3 Employee Benefits That Actually Work



Are your employees happy?

It’s remarkable how many business owners focus all their efforts on profits, sales figures, and activity, without any care for the wellbeing of their staff. Only 41% of workers claim to be generally happy at work, and this figure is decreasing all the time. The stress, deadlines, micromanagement, sedentary lifestyles, and workplace politics associated with office work all combine to have a monumental impact on mental and physical health. As a result, many office workers suffer from anxiety and depression, as well as musculoskeletal and vision problems caused by staring at a screen all day.

As a business owner, the power is in your hands to make a difference. To change your staff’s working conditions to increase their quality of life and happiness. And if that isn’t enough of an incentive for you, what about the fact that it is in your interest too? Studies show that the happier your employees are, the more productive they will be. With increased job satisfaction comes a desire to work harder and make the most of their working day, thereby being more efficient, doing better work, and ultimately making your business more money.

So what can you do to get better results from your staff? Many companies make halfhearted attempts to attract employees with gimmicky perks like beer fridges and ping pong tables in the office. But while these might attract wide-eyed college graduates with zero experience, they will do little to improve the lives of your employees. What you need are some benefits that actually make a difference. Here are some examples.


Workplaces are moving away from the traditional – and restrictive – nine-to-five structure. For most people, work is not their life. It’s something they need to do to have enough money. People have other important commitments such as children, hobbies, travel, health concerns, and side projects, and being forced to work in an office between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm just gets in the way. The most effective way you can change your employees’ lives is to give them more flexibility over when and where they work. Allow them to change their hours so they can pick their kids up from school or go to the doctor. Trust them to work from home occasionally to avoid a pointless, stressful commute.


Healthcare is one of people’s top considerations when choosing a job, and it should be a universal right. Doctors’ bills are expensive, and many people struggle to afford them. Providing health and dental insurance will be hugely attractive to potential applicants and will help you attract and retain the best talent. Although this might seem like a lot of work for you, benefits management services like insurance simplify your HR and result in more hard-working and productive employees.


Many employees spend 40 hours a week at work, so it shouldn’t be a miserable mind-numbing experience. They should look forward to going into the office and catching up with friends, yet many people remain distant from their coworkers. Try to foster a sense of community in your office to make it a happier, more positive environment. Organize work nights out, communal meals, and other activities to bring everyone together.


  • Kate Sarsfield

    We had a Govt. Report released today that shows that almost 50% of those who worked remotely during Covid lockdowns have chosen to remain doing so, citing better quality of life, better work/home balance, reduced childcare, commuting, rent etc. costs.

  • Dana Rodriguez

    These are great tips. Our business is very small so we cannot afford healthcare but we do what we can to keep them happy.

  • Tamra Phelps

    So much depends on the people you work with. Just one angry or hateful employee can make an entire business a miserable place to work…and that will show up in customer relations, too, eventually.

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