3 Things You Need To Do To Improve Your Employability

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Do you want to know why many of us struggle to get a promotion or find new employment elsewhere? It’s because we don’t have the employability factor. That doesn’t mean we will never get a job, and it doesn’t mean we don’t have anything to offer. It just means that, to many employers, we fall short when it comes to other candidates.

So, how can we become more employable? How can we become the people that employers say ‘yes’ to when we apply for positions within their companies?

There are several steps we can take, and these include the following.

#1: Get the right qualifications

Going back to school is sometimes a necessity, no matter how much life experience we have. Some employers will require evidence of certain qualifications, and we won’t get very far into certain careers without them. It’s important to research the courses we need to take, and either attend classes at a local college or find a way to study from home. With reference to the latter, these accredited online MHA programs would be useful to anybody working in the healthcare sector, for example. Armed with the appropriate certification, we would then improve our chances at landing certain jobs.

#2: Work on soft skills

Above and beyond our core competencies, we can also boost our career prospects by working on our soft skills. These are the skills that employers will be looking for when they look at our resumes, and they might ask for evidence of them at the interview stage. Soft skills include competencies in teamwork, time management, report writing, and public speaking. Check out this comprehensive skills list for more. While they might not be the primary skills needed for certain roles, they will certainly give us the advantage over those candidates who don’t have evidence of them. To develop these soft skills, we can take part-time courses, work on them in our current workplaces, and with reference to the next point, find voluntary work to give us new opportunities to strengthen ourselves with these talents. 

#3: Take part in voluntary work

Taking part in voluntary work can improve our employability in various ways.

Firstly, we will have the opportunity to gain some of those soft skills we just discussed. We might also have the opportunity to gain early experience in the type of career we are trying to get into. With the appropriate skills and experiences, we will then have more to put on our resumes to impress potential employers.

Secondly, we will evidence our willingness to work, as rather than sitting down in front of the TV in our downtime, we will have proactively done something useful with our time. Again, this will impress any potential employers when they are looking through our resumes.

And finally (although we are sure there are more advantages to doing voluntary work), we will have contacts we can use for reference purposes. These people can evidence the work we have done to employers and can promote the strengths we have shown in the voluntary workplace. 


None of us are unemployable, but we can improve our employability by taking the steps we have highlighted in this article. So, thinking about yourself, consider what else you need to do when you’re looking for new work or promotional opportunities. By taking the steps necessary, you should then be in a better position to move forward in whatever career you are looking to progress in.

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