3 Tips to Finding a Good Bird Vet

Dog and cat owners rarely have a problem finding the ideal veterinarian whom they can entrust with the welfare of their pet. However, bird owners don’t have it so easy. A bird’s anatomy is extremely different than other typical pet anatomies. As such, they require the specialized care of a qualified vet with expertise handling birds. Finding that bird vet can be a challenge for people living in Perth. But have no fear. These vets do exist.  You just have to know how and where to look.  Here are 3 tips to finding a qualified bird vet to take care of your beloved pet.


  1. Know what questions to ask. You’ll want to make sure you ask the right types of questions to candidates whom you’re considering to take on as your bird vet. Questions can and should include whether the vet makes house calls. What is the cost of vet services? Does the vet offer after-hour or emergency care? Does the vet keep birds at his or her own home? Lastly, how long has the vet been treating birds? Keep track of the answers provided by each of your candidates. Soon you’ll walk away with a clear picture on who’s the ideal vet for your pet.
  2. See them in action. We recommend you observe the way vets relate to birds during an exam. Of course, that means you’ll likely have to choose one vet (from your interview questions above) to make an appointment with. But keep in mind that your first visit with a vet is just that, a first visit. You’re still not bound to that doctor by any means. Use this as an opportunity to see the doctor in action. Assess the professionalism of the vet’s staff. Is the office clean? Does the vet look comfortable with your bird? If the answer is no, then revisit your list from #1.
  3. We can’t stress enough how important it is to get testimonials and recommendations from a vet’s past and current clients. Try to find recommendations from pet owners who have the same species of bird as you, as each bird displays specific behaviors and challenges to a vet.

Finding a good bird vet in Perth requires a bit more legwork than a simple online search. However, it shouldn’t have to be a yearlong struggle to find a doctor you feel you can entrust with your bird. That’s why many bird owners in Perth choose The Unusual Pet Vets as their bird vet. Learn more by visiting them at unusualpetvets.com.au/

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