4 Things Every Couple Should Discuss Before Marriage

Marriage is an exciting and lifelong journey that requires careful planning. Before saying “I do,” there’s a lot to consider and discussSeveral of the most important subjects couples should discuss include financial preferences, prenups, personal beliefs, and wedding details. Below, we’ll explore these crucial topics every couple should discuss before marriage.

Financial Preferences

Money problems and financial disagreements are among the most common reasons for divorce, specifically when not discussed before marriage. More importantly, discuss spending habits with your partner and how you prefer using your money. Some people enjoy buying material items, while others prefer experiences such as vacations. There are no wrong answers here, but you should hold similar beliefs to prevent arguments.

When it comes to finance, you two should also discuss whether you want a joint bank account, separate accounts, or a mix of both. With the final option, you’ll have different accounts for personal expenses but a shared pool for household funds.

Prenup Potential

Some of us hold prenups in a negative light since they mainly come into play during a divorce, and no couple wants to think about that before marriage. However, you should secure your future with a prenuptial agreement, as it protects both spouses’ assets in case of a divorce. A prenup helps you keep specific items in your name, such as a family home, so you don’t have to give it up in a divorce.

Keep in mind that you can sign a postnup if you change your mind later or alter the prenup with your partner and a lawyer’s help.

Personal Beliefs

Personal beliefs make up the fabric of our lives, making them essential things every couple should discuss before marriage. Openly address your views on politics, religion, and family time. Having differing beliefs is perfectly fine so long as you understand and respect one another’s views.

As you talk about personal beliefs, you should also share your plans on whether you want to have children. If both of you want to have kids, discuss your ideal parenting style, how to discipline your child, and your expectations of each other.

Wedding Details

Are you considering having a grand wedding with all your friends and family in attendance, or would you prefer a quiet elopement ceremony? Whatever your preference, discuss it with your partner. Discuss the timing, size, venue, and budget of your wedding. Take the time to clarify your expectations for your big day to ensure you and your partner are on the same page.

Open discussions will help to reduce the likelihood of arguments about these topics down the line. Take the time you need to talk openly about these key topics to create a solid foundation for a successful marriage.


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