5 Things to Do Regularly to Keep Your Kitchen Clean!!

If you like a clean and tidy place that you can live in comfortably and stress free, you may spend more time than you prefer cleaning every room to your standards. Since the kitchen is not only the area where we spend most of our time (by choice or not!), this can require more time and effort to keep it spotless. Because the family is always preparing meals, snacks and destroying the place often as they move along in the feeding process, the cleanup can be ongoing and is much more difficult for you and everyone involved if left to do all at once.

Clean as You Go

A sink filled with dishes is not a sight that you or any other homeowner wants to see. As expected, an empty sink and dishwasher is preferable to everyone. Since some family members eat at separate times, this type of problem will need to be resolved by making everyone accountable for their own serving plate and flatware. One of the habits that you will need to instill into every family member is to clean as you go. For instance, before exiting the kitchen, every food item must be put away in its proper place and every dish that is used will need to be cleaned immediately. At the very least, the dish will need to be rinsed off, and then stored away into the dishwasher before leaving the area.

Keep Your Countertops Clear

Even though your family may have many appliances that they use on a regular basis to prepare their meals, or make their coffee, smoothies, teas or snacks, it is not necessary to keep every appliance that you use on top of the countertops. Because most homes may have more than enough space underneath in the lower shelves and cabinets, unused appliances can easily be stored away and out of sight. By removing all items from the top of the countertops, it is much easier for you to keep clean and tidy. In many cases, the only appliances that should be left on the countertops are the toaster and maybe a juicer or blender. With this simple change, it is much easier to keep the countertops wiped, cleaned and spot free. Additionally, it gives a clean and streamlined appearance.

Keep Drain Clean and Fresh

Keeping the sink and drain clean can also be a big problem that no one really thinks to take care of. However, when these are cleaned properly and on a regular basis, it makes your life much easier and prevents hard to remove odors in the kitchen area. Schedule a regular regime of drain cleaner and odor remover.  The best thing that you can do is to pour drain cleaner down the sink preemptively instead of after the clog has formed. These types of cleaners usually work very well because they are made to cut through buildup, and allow the water to flow freely without obstructions. Using a drain catch or net will also help to prevent odor build up if food is removed regularly.

Proper Receptacles and Storage

If your kitchen is going to be always well maintained, you must have all of the required resources available. One of the most essential items to have is a kitchen trash receptacle.  Since they are used to quickly discard trash and other items like recyclables, you may need to have two containers nearby. Be sure to have an adequately sized bin to hold the amount of garbage that you and your family generate.  If you recycle, keep a bin nearby so that items do not accumulate on the countertops or floors.  The amount can quickly grow, and create a constant mess with not only containers out in the open, but also the bugs that may be attracted to the residual food and liquid on the containers themselves.

Clean Out Your Refrigerator on a Continual Basis

One of the most important habits you can bring into your kitchen cleaning plan is to keep your refrigerator tidy and clean.  In fact, you should ditch the old traditional habits of waiting to the end of the week or month to throw old and outdated food items out, and do it every other day. This reminds you of what you have on hand to reuse in a new meal, and avoids the ongoing problem of foods expiring before they are able to be used.

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