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5 Tips I Can Share About Self Tanners!

Look at me bein’ all responsible and such! Actually taking my own advice and not laying out in the sun. Sunless tanning and sunscreen and I still have that sun kissed glow.

# 1 and probably THE most important tip I have; if this is your first attempt at self tanners DO NOT DO THIS the night before a big event. Yes, you can take that from my own PERSONAL experience. Thankfully, jeans are acceptable at any event I attend. So my advise is too practice.

#2 Use a spray mist tanner. I find it’s much easier than a lotion type. I like the Pureauty Naturals Sunless Tanner  (Amazon or on their website) the best. First, the tanner is a spray mist. I like that, it means no rubbing. It’s also a light color that you can build on. The spray is hydrating. The unique formula contains Aloe Leaf Extract to help nourish and moisturize your skin. Remember my new mantra PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!!

#3 EXFOLIATE, EXFOLIATE, EXFOLIATE. That NEEDED the 3 time chant. If you exfoliate the tan will not only go on better, but look better as well. I’ve also found that the tan lasts longer as well. Plus added bonus you’ll feel all soft.

#4 Rub lotion on your knees, elbows and heels. This keeps those areas, from grabbing to much color. Those area’s are normally drier so the tanner grabs there (at least on ME it did!) a little too much. I also just saw a tip that I loved; IF you have dark age spots in the tan area take a slightly damp with rubbing alcohol on a q-tip and dab JUST the dark spot. That will keep that area from getting too dark. I found this really helpful for the backs of my hands. DO NOT swirl around, just dab the center other wise you make a sort of bulls eye.

#5 TAKE your TIME!! Patience is your friend with sunless tanning. Pureauty goes on clear so don’t rush it. Follow the directions. Hold the can 10″ away from your skin. First because you don’t want a heavy spray that will drip. Drip means that you will have a drip mark. Yes, I did that, I held the tanner too close to my skin and didn’t realize I had drip marks until the next morning. This is an easy fix though. Shower, exfoliate, moisturize then begin again. This tanner does dry quickly. I am extremely please to report NO orange tan here. Since it’s build-able even the palest skin can use this spray.

I know these aren’t the best pictures but it’s really hard to take a picture of your own legs. Well, with your phone and no fancy set up anyway. Y’all know I’m not a great self portraits either! At least you can see the building of color.

I’m really proud of my sunless tan! I really, really like how gradual the color is. Now, if it would stop RAINING in Idaho it would look even more natural.



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