5 Tips on how to choose the perfect Poker Table

So, it’s finally your turn to host a poker night. The last thing that you want is to look like a joker in front of everybody. Though dealing and anteing up on your dining room table may have worked for previous family functions, it’s time to switch things up and go pro. To do this, you will need the right playing surface to suit the occasion- a brand new poker table.

The right poker table can make a world of difference to how your night actually turns out. A quality poker table can provide the right ambiance for your guests and make them feel as though they were right at the heart of the World Series of Poker or in some far-flung exotic poker destination like Monaco or Macau.

A poker table will help you blend the authentic ambiance of a real casino with all the comforts of home. And it’s not just about aesthetics- a poker table will allow your guests to have an enhanced experience overall.

So, if you don’t have one yet, you should seriously consider getting one before your big night. To make the hectic selection process a little more stress-free for you, here are 5 tips on how to choose the perfect poker table:

How much space do you have to work with?

One of the most important things to think about when shopping around for poker tables is the amount of space that you have to work with. Think about where you want the poker table to go once it is delivered. This is what will help you determine the exact size of the table that you should go for.

When choosing a space for your table, you want to make sure that the area is well-lit and well-ventilated to make sure that your guests are comfortable through the game. You will also need to think about additional space for placing the furniture, as well as making sure that your guest can move about easily.

Think about your frequency of use

How often do you plan on throwing poker tournaments and parties at home? Do you plan on making them a regular thing or is this a one-time event that’s never to be repeated? If you are looking for a poker table for occasional game nights, then you should consider going for a 2 in 1 poker table that can easily be turned into an instant poker lobby.

Whenever you are not using it, the table can be used for other things such as dining on. If you are serious about your poker night and throw games regularly, then you will need to invest in a table that is suited for serious players.

Pay attention to your game style

What type of poker game are you planning on playing? When shopping, keep in mind that different tables are designed for different styles of poker. For instance, some tables are designed exclusively for Texas Holdem while others are created for 7 card studs.

You will also need to consider the number of people that will be using the table. If you are expecting less than 10 players, then all you need is one poker table. If you are expecting a larger number, however, you may need more than one table to successfully host a multi-table poker event.

The surface of your table matters

If you have ever had the pleasure of playing on a professional-style poker table in a casino, the kind that comes lined with smooth green baize and surrounded by a series of cupholders, then you know that the surface of your table matters.

Crowding your guests on a dining room table made of wood or laminate simply won’t do, especially if you are expecting players that are worth their salt. Only a table with the right felt material will help you replicate the look and feel of the kind of poker surfaces that you will find in Vegas.

If space is an issue, there are quick fixes such as tabletop felt liners, that can allow you to enjoy a more professional surface without committing to a table. Alternatively, you can do for the poker tables that come with foldable legs that can be dismantled for storage and set up easily.

Look for extra features

Consider what you want your poker table to say about you. Would you like to add logos and other graphics that will help to personalize your table? Perhaps you would like matching chairs so that everything can look tied together and effortless?

Think about which extra features will help to accentuate your table, as well as the play area. When looking for poker tables for sale, you will be treated to a wide range variety so you don’t have to worry about finding a table that will suit your needs.

There are all sorts of table designs to choose from, including a collapsible, folding, table topper, roll out or permanent poker tables. When browsing around, avoid going for cheap varieties if you want to avoid disappointments later on.

But just because a table is expensive doesn’t always mean that it is the best in the range. As such, do your research to avoid spending extra money unnecessarily and so that you can make an informed decision for your needs.

Final Thoughts

Hosting a successful poker game will take a lot more than just a deck of cards and a few cold beers. You need the right mix of guests to invite; try and let 8 be the maximum number of people. You also need to ensure that several of them have deep pockets that can allow them to go for a few hands without complaining.

More importantly, you will need a quality surface to play on; the dining or kitchen table simply won’t suffice, especially if there are heavy hitters in your guest list. Not to worry though. If you don’t already have a table, these tips above will ensure that you find the right table for your poker night so that you can wow your guests.


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