$50 Your Way Giveaway December 2021

$50 Your Way Giveaway

Merry Christmas

Happy December little Peanuts.

I know this giveaway is late. Truthfully, I wasn’t sure I was even going to do one. However, with a little nudge from a dear friend (Thank you Sarah!) I decided one last giveaway. I think that after 12 years to hang-up the keyboard.

I have LOVED writing Peanut Butter and Whine. All MY little Peanuts are amazing and have helped me through some really hard times.  I am truly grateful. I have always felt loved and cared for. Even when I mess up the site with my constant tweaking. Even when I lock everyone out. Even when the site goes down. Which over the last couple months seems more and more.

The first of January is when I renew with GoDaddy and well, I just can’t manage the extra moola. So, I will do one more giveaway. I will try my hardest to get on here and update more often during the final couple of weeks.

Okay enough of me sitting here crying. Let me try and make you laugh.

Soooooooooo y’all know Francis. Right??

I don’t remember who suggested it but someone asked me to hide a trail-cam inside Francis. Wellllllllllll here are a few shots. 1st, I’m surprised no animals looked inside. BUT in their defense he was sitting there for a couple months before the camera went inside.

What I thought was REALLY cool is the sunrise and sunsets! Check these out.  Mind you, 15000 pictures and I found 5 that were really cool. So, long story short: Inside Francis is BORING AS HELL! Poor Francis.

Here it is, the last $50 Your Way Giveaway on Peanut Butter and Whine! Dang! This was a very fast 12 years!

Giveaway Time!!

I truly am thankful you stop by! Most of you everyday. As always I am blown away by your support and most of all your friendship!!

My monthly $50 giveaway is my way of saying THANK YOU for being a follower! I really do appreciate the fact that you are here. THANK YOU!!!

This months giveaway has the same exact spiel as last month and the month before and the month before that! The year before and well, you get the idea. For as long as this giveaway is popular, I’ll continue to do it. I am truly thankful and feeling blessed that you stop by. This giveaway is open worldwide for PayPal option only. (I’m not sure the other GC would work worldwide) $50 American $$.

Good Luck Little Peanuts!!

$50 Your Way Giveaway

380 thoughts on “$50 Your Way Giveaway December 2021

  1. It was a very busy day. I’m looking forward to a little ‘me time’. Thank you for this wonderful blog and other media presence you’ve created. It will be missed.

  2. It’s a good day with lots of things accomplished. Now to rest into the new year. I shall miss you – thank you for being here

  3. Today is just sad. I know we don’t need this to keep an eye on you, Connie! I’ll be bugging you on Instagram and Facebook, still, but I still feel a little melancholy about not venting all over your blog every day! Excuse me while I go cry.

  4. OK day, grieved with a friend at her mom’s memorial service. Now having crazy junk food night with the kids for New Year’s Eve.

  5. Today’s words: I miss you already!! Very true. So keep the blog and you won’t have to miss us…..
    Are you really ending your blog today? The same day that Betty White died?
    Thankful that no one was killed by the ugly wild fires here yesterday, but sorry that 1,000 people lost their homes and businesses.
    If nothing else, you need to keep us up to date on your FB page. I will be checking it daily.

  6. i am taking care of a neighbor’s cats and chickens, ready to ring in the new year…. RIP betty white, let’s make this year better!

  7. My day was going pretty good until I heard that actress Betty White just died that is depressing news. Other than that I am just getting ready to ring in the new year this evening. I wish you the very best in the new year and thank you for your wonderful blog I have so enjoyed coming to it every single day.

  8. Time to see the old year out & welcome in the new. Time to thank all of you guys here for a massive 12 years of support and humour. Bless you, Connie for bringing us all together xxx

  9. It’s NYE and I do have to find something with sequins and sparkles…a new year coming fast! To everyone here have a peaceful, healthy New Year with all the happiness life can afford you…Connie thank you for years of putting a smile on my face….

  10. Well, my Lord-knows-how-long streak of getting sick in December continues, lol. Yep, I have a kidney infection. I ALWAYS manage to have some health issue in December. I don’t know if it’s holiday stress or Winter setting in and affecting my immune system or what, but it never fails. I really thought I might break the streak this year! I was so close!

  11. No swimming today. My friend called and said she wasn’t going because of her fears of Omicron. I decided not to go too. I took two presents to another friend and got a $3.60 whole chicken from Boston Market (it’s their 36th birthday promotion). I saw lots of smoke to the north as I was coming home. Right now I’ve been watching the coverage of a really bad fire here in Colorado near Boulder. Very high winds pushing the fire and so far destroying over 700 homes in Superior and Lafayette.

    Connie, I NEED this site so I can tell about my days…..

  12. My day is going pretty good keeping myself busy while being snowbound. Just got done digging my car out enough to start it up to make sure the battery is doing ok. Now we are just waiting for another snowstorm to roll in this afternoon.

  13. I planned on touching up around the outside today for New Years but it is pouring again – so read, relax reflect – this is my new mantra!!

    1. My Dad, a car guy (he even had a car lot for over 45 years, always used to say you have to take a car out and ‘blow the soot out’, lolol. By that he meant drive way over the speed limit!!

  14. Been another nice day here but weird day too. Found out 2 of my guy’s employees tested positive for Covid and 3 of our neighbors. Which got me pretty paranoid again. We have also had 5 small earthquakes this week. Four Monday and one about 4 AM today. As long as I have lived here I never felt or heard one but I sure heard the first one Monday. :O

  15. My day is going pretty good so far just hauling in some wood before the next snowstorm rolls in to our area in a few hours. We have been snowbound for a week tomorrow and I am starting to get a touch of ‘cabin fever’.

  16. I’m sitting here in a sweater because, as my Granny would’ve said, ‘I’m chillin”–her way of saying she was cold but had no intention of turning the heat on because that cost money, lolol. Yep. I’ve turned into my Grandma.

  17. It would have been Mum & Dad’s 65th Wedding Anniversary today so not a great time. However, the sun is out, the wind has died down & the cat needs feeding so onwards and upwards!

    1. The 18th would’ve been my parents 59th– but they divorced in the late 1970’s. My Dad is still living, but I haven’t seen him in several years what with Covid and his refusal to get the vaccine. I’m fully vaccinated and boosted but I don’t want to be the ‘carrier’ who could unknowingly bring it to him, you know? I can’t seem to get him to see my point of view and get the vaccine…he hates doctors/shots, etc. He’s difficult, to say the least!

  18. Already planning my goals for the New Year and beyond – they are far reaching and I really hope I can accomplish them..

  19. Trip downtown for my infusion. Then got to use my Smashburger GC that I got for Christmas. Yum! Sunshine but only 30 degrees today.

  20. My day is going pretty busy here we are preparing for another snow storm here. I like a little bit of snow but we have feet so far.

  21. I took down the Christmas stuff (except for a wall hanging tapestry that I can’t reach)– after Christmas, decorations just seem to depress me.

    1. Oh Tamra – I know – for me after the Epiphany when i take down everything I get so very sad – the opposite of you but the sadness is the same….

    2. I only put up my little tree this year. I’d have it up all year round except then I’d have to dust it and I’m not going down that road! It makes me smile just looking at it!

      1. Way back in 1970 when my husband and I were first married and living in a very very small apartment in the city we kept our very very little tree up until February until his birthday to keep the joy!!

  22. Too hot to sleep last night & today is warmer than it was in August in parts of the UK – what the freak is going on?

  23. Going over my life – high spots – low spots and things I never thought would happen for me…What is this next stage of life going to bring? What massive change is going to happen – I have a feeling a big one is about to reveal itself….

  24. Pretty good swim today. None of my friends were there, but about 40 kids and parents were. Then a stop to pick up groceries.

  25. I can’t believe the month, and the year, are almost over. Time just keeps on passing. It never slows down anymore, or drags like it seemed to when I was a kid in Math class, lol.

  26. I feel like all I’ve done for Christmas is sleep! Had a lovely quiet couple of days, just me & the cat & Xmas telly and chocolate and more sleep!

  27. Well the sun is out and shining – the garden calls so I better get out there and do some gardening…to tell the truth I really want to just sit and read !!

  28. It’s the end of December and the weather is like Spring, which might be why my allergies are nuts. Christmas is over, and that’s always sort of a relief, lol. Back to half-way normal life. After New Year’s it will be truly normal.

  29. My day is getting pretty stressful, I am snowbound and the snow just keeps falling we have several feet and it just keeps snowing here it was pretty for awhile now it’s scary!

  30. Happy Boxing Day one and all!! the sun has finally come out and the sky is so very blue – after breakfast taking a walk to the garden then back in to relax…

  31. It was a relaxing, beautiful, laid back day today. We did the dinner yesterday, and the presents with the grandbabies.

  32. What a weird Christmas here in KY. 61 degrees, and my nephews had shorts on, lol. By March, we’ll probably be having blizzards.

  33. Merry Christmas to you and yours. Hope you all have a very blessed day. We got a lot of snow last night and it just started snowing again.

  34. Wonderful Christmas Eve dinner with my adopted family. Good food, lots of laughs and neat presents.
    Merry Christmas to all!

  35. The booster shot has done fine. There’s a little bruise and a bit of swelling but no big deal. No aches or pains after 2 days, so I think it’s all good.

  36. Today was supposed to be moving out day and boy am I glad it isn’t; it’s absolutely bucketing down out there! I’m going to peel the sprouts and make a festive pizza for tomorrow in between tidying and packing.

    1. Merry Christmas, Kate. Pizza sounds good to me! I decided to have pulled pork sandwiches on ciabatta bread and onion rings, lol. Hey, when it’s just you, you can make your own ‘traditions’!!! Actually, my brother and his family will come over for a while, but they don’t have dinner here– oh, the kids graze the whole time, but mostly candy and junk, lol.

  37. So here we are at Christmas Eve – my ham is cooking for tomorrow and the salmon is marinating for lunch – trying to get all the cooking done early so I can truly relax and enjoy the holiday…. still running a low grade fever so that stops me sharing holiday goodies with the neighbours and having one dear one coming by to chat..one must think of the ramifications of ones actions….going to sit here and write all my galpals emails for the season and later chatting with daughter-in-laws (2) my son was a romantic.. LOL and the grandchildren….everyone here please enjoy your day!

      1. WHAT?????? I am shocked!!! My brother came by to pick up that fudge for Angela’s Mom and he said ‘what’s that smell????’ I said, ‘I burnt the brownies…yesterday.’ I swear, you can still smell the burnt chocolate.

  38. Good swim with a friend. The other two who usually show up had last minute preparations for the holiday. Tonight I have to wrap the presents since I didn’t do it yesterday. Big dinner tomorrow.

  39. My day is going pretty good today. I had to so some shopping and it is cray cray out there today! I am not going near any more stores till after Christmas we should be snowed in here in a few hours.

  40. How a day could change…finished my baking yesterday and started feeling faint – I am not a ” faint” type of person so since I am not pregnant LOL I knew something was up…soon after my daughter told me I looked pale thermometer out 102 degree fever – the chills started….out came the Panadol no other symptoms at all – fever of undetermined origin…..alcohol bath… by nightfall it was down to 99.. slept all night and this morning back up to 99.7….but I feel fine! taking it easy today – baking some Panettone and a Buche De Noel then rest and relax….

      1. Still working with this damn low grade fever…not happy!! LOL.. as of this afternoon all I see is the divan, a book, a single malt scotch and the dog on the floor and the cats on my lap!! Have a wonderful Eve Tamra…

  41. Uh oh! The glands in my neck & armpits ache. Isn’t armpit a horrible word? Wonder if anyone finds them a turn-on? Suppose so. I think I may have a temperature, my thoughts are getting muddled.

    1. De-stress, Kate. Do nothing except lay around, read, rest, watch TV, mess around online…eat stuff you shouldn’t. Drink stuff you shouldn’t. You and Michele both are making me look downright lazy, lol. I need you both to just stop!!!!

      1. I do all that anyway, Tammy! In between mad bursts of industriousness! Honestly there just aren’t enough hours in the day!

  42. today is going well. was able to help out some friends who are stuck where they are instead of getting away for a break. thanks

  43. My day is going really good today. I had a lot of running around to do today and just got home before the big snow storm hits tonight.

  44. Today is off to a good start. I have a good breakfast in my tummy. Going shopping later for Hubby’s birthday present.

  45. I’m going to do as much tidying up as I can today. The last jab I had hit me hard 48 hours later – I might end up in bed for Christmas! For now, the wreath is hanging on the door & all cupboards/wardrobes & drawers are emptied & cleaned.

  46. Well baking again today – apple and poppyseed retes.. ( strudel).. gkad that the poppy seeds arrived in time!

  47. today is a good day – getting lots checked off from my ‘to do’ list and had a little time for ‘me time’ too. thanks

  48. I was sitting here all pleased with myself, thinking I was done with making candy, etc., when my sister-in-law texted ‘if I bring you the stuff can you make another batch of peanut butter fudge?’ Fortunately, I still had enough here to make another batch–so it’s done now. she wants to take some with her to her Mom’s for Christmas, so I was happy to do it–her Mom has done a lot for me since I got home. She’s one of those genuinely kind people who is always standing right there if you need any help.

  49. Happy first day of Winter! Good swim with friends. Then a trip to the library to pick up a hold and some holiday books. 60 degrees with lots of sun. (should be 43 degrees)

  50. Heading off to get my booster shot – Yay! Then I’ll make the Sarsfield Christmas Wreath before the rain comes tomorrow. Oh, and more packing – doh!

  51. Half 6 am and out the door – a few last minute stops and home until after the New Year! thank goodness shoppes open early!

  52. My day was frantic today. Nothing seemed to go right, parcels are not being delivered, and to honest, I’m stressing out.

  53. My day is going pretty good I have been super busy today. I had a lot of running around to do today and now I am sitting down and relaxing.

  54. Today is going far to quickly. Closer to Christmas (and I’m not ready) and the end of your media presence (I’m not ready for that either).

  55. I was just about to cancel all the utilities from this Friday when our solicitor phoned: further delays due to Covid absences in the UK. So I’ve cancelled furniture removal, the cattery, my accommodation etc. etc. till mid-Jan. And now I have a headache.

    Get your boosters ASAP; this Omicron mutant is taking over: 80k new cases in the UK yesterday, Germany & Holland under lockdown. Not nearly so bad in Ireland yet, but we have new restrictions in place already.

    1. Wow!. They are predicting it here in January, which is why I set up an appointment for the booster Wednesday. I want it done, with all the protection I can get. I mailed your Christmas card to the B & B, lol–but the way things are going it might not get there until mid-January anyway, about the same time you do!!

  56. More rain! I don’t think I will be able to get out and weed today.. oh well.. guess I will just to suffer reading and listening to music and making Hungarian pastries…

  57. Back to swimming with my other friend at the other pool. It’s just a much longer drive than my weekday pool. It was good to be back swimming with her.

  58. I’m going to get my booster on Wednesday, assuming everything goes as planned. I want to get it over and done before the new year starts. If the new variant gets bad in January, as predicted, I don’t want to be one of the people rushing to get that booster and fighting crowds at the Health Department or pharmacy. And as someone with a less than stellar immune system, I want all the protection available if the new variant hits.

  59. The day hasn’t been good. The hubby hurt his back and he is in bed with a heating pad. I wrapped presents. I hope his back heals, soon. This is a busy week.

  60. My day is going so so today it was off to a rocky start and I am trying to tun it around. Hope you are have a nice Sunday.

  61. I’ve been packing, sorting & cleaning since 10am & it’s now 5pm. I’m beginning to finally see that the end is in sight. The week ahead will be hectic though so I’m heading for a shower & early to bed.

  62. My day is going fine so far. It is still dark outside. It has been raining this morning and the rain is supposed to continue later.

  63. With coffee in hand I plan on sitting in the gallery and reading until breakfast…today is a total relaxing day….

  64. this day is going well despite having to be outside for a considerable length of time. grateful for shelter and warm clothes. thanks

  65. My day is going pretty nice today. I am just doing stuff around the house today. I messed up my wrist so having a hard time doing stuff today I think I slept on it or something.

  66. Last trip to buy the weekend paper, say my goodbyes & wish them well. The surveyor was here yesterday & found damp in the loft. I knew about it & it’s been sorted when I had the chimneys cleared but this will probably delay things. Anyway, it’s not going to delay me & my move. Time to start a new chapter.

  67. More torrential rain.. baked yesterday so today I plan on taking it easy.. I have some eggplant begging to be made into a parmesan so that and playing with the fur babies is my goal today….

  68. Got here late today and Giveaway Tools form is not working. Will try back later. (it’s not you this time, Connie, because GT isn’t working anywhere)

  69. It’s a good day here but very very cold. I hope it warms up soon – too many people are without shelter. Thank you.

  70. My day is going pretty good today sure has been a busy one. I had a ton of running around to do today and I just got in the door a little while ago. Now am taking a little break and coming to my favorite blog in the world.

  71. Phew, the cat is sorted. He had a vax this morning & the the cattery’s on-site vet will give him a booster in 2 weeks. Went begging for more boxes from a few shops on the way home, so I’m taking an hour or two off then more packing.

  72. How is my day going? Yesterday I lost my walet, I woke up writhing in pain due to a sore shoulder and my new cat has ring worms. Other than that and no money for gas, doing okay.

  73. I did a lot of running around today with my daughter but the roads got too icy so I didnt get my stuff done.

  74. We are up in the 50’s and 60’s again. I’m guessing more storms are coming. Weather-wise, December has been a weird one here in KY.

  75. Good swim with friends. Then a trip to Costco for some stuff and a chicken. Stopped off at my friend’s house and cut the chicken with half for her and half for me.

  76. My day is going pretty good so far. I am getting cabin fever though because we got hit with some snow and the roads are a mess here so I am staying safe at home today.

  77. It is still early but I woke up with terrible nausea and heartburn. Hoping the rest of my day is much better.

  78. Cleaning, packing & a frantic search for Idris’ vax certs. I must have packed them. I’ve emailed the cattery lady, now waiting to see if she’ll let him in. Her husband is Idris’ vet so I’m hoping it’ll be ok.

  79. The sun has finally come out bright and strong with a cerulean blue sky.. Yes.. now I can move ahead outside..

  80. I made fudge today–and quickly packed it up so I won’t be tempted to eat on kit, lol!! Then I wrapped presents so I can put the wrapping paper back up… I need to clear all this stuff up and get it back into the closets, lol.

  81. Very windy all day long. We only had 40 mph winds by my house but other places in Colorado had gusts over 100 mph. Blew semi trucks over and blew down trees.

  82. My day is going pretty good today. It is a snow day here it’s coming down right now and I am liking it nice and cozy by the fire.

  83. More packing on my own. Really getting tired & fed up. Anyway, we still don’t have a closing date but since my temp accommodation is already booked (an AirB&B in Granard, Co. Longford – Google it!), I’ve decided to move out next week. I need a break, everything will be in storage and safe, and I’ve already set up an appt. to look at a house on the 30th. Christmas Day in Longford, on my own (apart from the houseplants), will consist of mooching in my pjs, watching telly, fruit & nut chocolate and sprouts! Heaven!

    1. Sounds like my Christmas, lol. And I’m fine with that. Honestly, I just always see Christmas as a stressful time… I breath a sigh of relief when it’s over. — I’m glad to hear you have your plan in place and are going to be settled and stress-free soon!!

    2. Glad you have sorted out your new living quarters and I will pray that the house you look out is perfect for you. A small piece of advice – take it or leave it as you wish – what you permit you promote….

      1. I know I should demand more, Michele, but there’s always an excuse & then tears, then shouting and I don’t want to leave here with bad feelings/memories. I don’t allow it in any other area of my life but family is different.

  84. Weather alerts are gone but the sky says something else – better get out and do some clean-up before it starts raining again….

  85. Well…I got a lot accomplished so that’s something, I suppose. Still stuff on the to-do list, of course, lol. And they let my husband off a smidge early from work, so that was nice!

  86. It was a busy day. We drove 3 hours to pick up my mom from my brother (We meet half way). We eat lunch and visit and then drive home. Why is sitting in a car so exhausting? lol

  87. Long drive to see my Rheumatologist. She used to have her office closer to me, but I’ll follow her almost anywhere. Remission is a lovely word…..

  88. My day is going pretty good so far just doing stuff around the house today. I also did some work outside and it is super cold out there.

  89. I think my new cat Sophie could be pregnant, have no way of knowing for certain because we can’yt afford to take her to a Vet. I gave her a calming cat treat this morning.

  90. Good morning! My morning has been nice and relaxing before the holiday rush. Hope your morning is going good!

  91. “We’ll be there first thing in the morning”. Well, it’s after lunch & I’ve been sorting & packing since daybreak. Still no sign of sis & niece. I’m going to change the subject now ‘cos I’ll get angry if I don’t. Phew! Better out than in, eh?

  92. The Met office has extended the weather alert for another day – it is pouring! Tropical pouring and that is something else believe me… So what to do..first to begin making a plantain pie then braving the weather to check on all my garden beds….

  93. I’m finally making some headway at getting Holiday stuff done, lol. Mostly, I do this by just letting go of some stuff instead of doing it, lol!!! Just ‘oh, I don’t really need to do that…’

  94. My day has been super busy. I just got home from doing some major grocery shopping the snow is supposed to hit us starting at 3pm today and they are also saying on the news the wind will be up to 50 mph should be quite the blizzard here.

  95. Well for the naysayers climate change is certainly here – Nov 30th used to be the end of rainy season and dry began – here we are in a yellow alert and it has been pouring for days….

  96. My day has gone fine so far – LOL! It is early – 4: 15 AM! This week I am getting some items ready to donate to a charity craft sale.

  97. This has been a day where I started off with ‘where has this year gone??? Time has flown by and I haven’t gotten a thing done.’ And that morphed into where has my life gone???? I haven’t done a damn thing!’ Lol. Yeah. When your mind gets to that place, time to just go play Candy Crush or waste a few hours on Pinterest–’cause both of those things are so productive, right?

    1. Tamra you still have time to make your dreams come true – you are never too old to start a new project or anything your mind sets you on a path of….you can do it….

    2. I remember hitting 25 and thinking that was it. I’ve been here a quarter of a century and achieved nothing. Was miserable for ages.

  98. Well, I did not go out to the concert today. I had a bit of a freak-out over Omicron and decided to stay away from crowds. Luckily they live-streamed the concert so I did get to see it.

  99. Today is wonderful. My granddaughter slept over, and we crafted and played dolls. I got to be a kid as well as a grandma.

  100. My day is going fine so far. It is 38 degrees here with a high today of 51 degrees. I will be doing some holiday time table planning later today.

  101. My sister & niece arrived yesterday to help go through things. We managed to finish one room. They said they’d come again today & I hope they do!

  102. Still raining so this Sunday will be a restful reading day listening to the rain on the roof and watching it fall from the gallery with my coffee…

  103. I got up early with the grandkids. I got coffee and picked up groceries and then went to my nieces house for dinner.

  104. Last night was terrible here. (KY)–The wind and storms were nuts. But we are in the more central or slightly Eastern part of the state, so it wasn’t as bad as it got in the Western part of the state with tornadoes. Weird weather for December.

  105. My day has been a busy one had to give the dog an emergency bath this morning and now I am worn out. Now just getting the house warm as we may see some snow this afternoon woohoo.

  106. Just watching the news about the tornadoes in US. Keep safe, Peanuts!
    Packing, cleaning, Strictly Come Dancing & pizza!

  107. I had so many plans for today but it is pouring.. guess I have to sit back and read! I will bake some cookies though the tins are empty….

  108. Well, it has been a day, lol. Spent my time trying to get organized for Christmas: wrapping stuff, getting lists together. Sigh, Still not organized, lol.

  109. The Nightmare After Christmas:
    Twas the month after the holidays,

    and all through the house,

    Nothing would fit me,

    not even a blouse.

    The cookies I’d nibbled,

    the eggnog I’d taste,

    All the holiday parties,

    had gone to my waist.

    When I got on the scales,

    there arose such a number!

    When I walked to the store,

    (less a walk than a lumber).

    I’d remember the marvelous, meals I’d prepared;

    The gravies and sauces, and beef nicely rared,

    the Wine, and the rum balls,

    the bread and the cheese,

    and the way I’d never said,

    “No, thank you, please.”

  110. My day is going pretty good just preparing for a big storm coming out way very soon. I am ready for a little snow but not too much.

  111. Still packing but motivation is waning. We still don’t have a definite moving date. Oh yes, this morning I could hear the cat coughing, least I thought that’s what he was doing. Discovered he’d actually thrown up all over a little book called ‘I love cats’!

  112. Today the first thing on my list is bathing the pooch – told her this morning and she is waiting happily – she does love her baths…

  113. Yesterday it was freezing and we had light snow. Today? Well, it’s up in the 50’s! Not that I’m complaining, lol.

  114. Lovely time last night at Blossoms of Light. And hot cocoa and snacks for us volunteers.
    Today a good swim with friends.

  115. My day is going pretty good my computer is driving me to drink though it is acting up today and making me a little cray!

  116. I will definitely miss you but totally understand! My day is going ok today. Got some errands done and finished Christmas shopping!

  117. Another load gone. This time all my outdoor pots & plants have gone to my sister’s yard. She’s not into gardening but it’s winter so they should be ok! My books are now all boxed up – starting on wardrobes today.

  118. My day started off kind of yucky but then it turned around and now I am having a pretty good one. I had to do a lot of running around and getting things done before we get hit with snow.

  119. Well, it’s snowing for the first time this Winter. So far it’s just light snow. I hope it stays that way– I am not looking forward to big snow falls!

  120. Just back from the Dr. My blood pressure is almost back to normal, thank goodness! The theatre took Mum’s sewing machine & keyboard – they’ll always find use for them. The storm was rough but thankfully no-one was hurt. Still very windy and the sky has that ‘full’ snowy look about it and it’s bitterly cold.

  121. It’s just 15 minutes after 5 and it is DARK out there… Feels so strange. Well, soon the days will start slowly getting longer again. I absolutely can’t wait for Spring…and it’s technically not even Winter, yet.

  122. My day is going pretty good so far today. I just saw that we may get some snow on Thursday so there are a few things I need to get done before it hits. I am so ready for some snow it has been 60 degrees here and that is horrible! We need a good snow pack for the coming months.

  123. Another man, another van. That’s the defunct electrical stuff gone to recycling. I’m hunkering down now – the West is already out of power, all schools & Colleges closed. Heading for a shower & got a casserole in the oven in case our electricity goes. And it’s close to freezing as well. The poor birds!

  124. Well the pooch needs a bath – the flower beds need weeding – cucumbers need to be planted – what to do first???

  125. My day was going well until I read the news on your blog. I reconnected with you/your blog after months. I enjoy your style of writing and sense of humor.

  126. My day has gone fine so far. I checked some things off my to do list today. I hope to do some baking later this week.

  127. I’m still searching for two of my cookbooks and one of my recipe containers, lol. I know I saw them recently but can’t remember where to save my life… I mean it’s been over a year and 1/2 since I oved in here. Time to finish emptying the closets and all those boxes of books and put them on the shelves the way I want them.

  128. Quiet day at home before a busy rest of the week. Swimming, Botanic Gardens Blossoms of Light, swimming, massage and a concert.

  129. My day is going pretty good just got home from doing some grocery shopping for the week and I am so tired. I also think the prices in the store are out of control way way way too high for some items.

  130. I had the most wonderful birthday yesterday…over the entire weekend I felt so special. Watched movies that as a child I watched on our old black and white telly with my father…Marlene Dietrich as Shanghai Lily with the gorgeous Anna May Wong.. to my delight 2 Mae West movies that me laughed at her amazing one liners once again…my daughter said now she understands my dramatic clothing choices!! LOL.. old Hollywood you can’t beat it.. So now onward for the new year….

  131. A local charity shop sent a man with a van today to collect a load of furniture etc. The house seems so empty, the cat is wandering around howling and I’ve got earache. It’s a glorious day ahead of Storm Barra due to hit the West coast tomorrow.

    1. Uh oh, did you give away Idris’ favorite piece of furniture, lol? Seriously, though, I know that empty feeling. It’s like your house isn’t your home anymore, right? I hate that unsettled feeling. It’s only for a short time, though. Stay safe indoors tomorrow!

      1. We moved lots as kids & the best way is to start packing early. That way you’ll almost be glad to leave!

      1. Right? I would think anyone can just look around them and see how weather is changing. I think the mistake was starting out by calling it ‘global warming’–that made people think it only meant things were going to be hotter. ‘Climate change’ makes it clearer: hotter Summers, worse Winter weather, more 100-year floods, hurricanes, etc.

  132. Quiet day at home. Had a cold front come through with winds and the temp dropped 30 degrees in 15 minutes. Still no snow or rain.

  133. It will be sad to see you go. Thanks for the beautiful photos, especially those of your gorgeous views from your home.

  134. Omg I’m going to miss this! But I understand things are expensive!
    I’m struggling with some pain from health problems today – not my best day…

  135. My day is going pretty quiet today. I am just taking it easy today and doing some stuff online and watching movies oh and eating.

  136. Wishing you all the best! I always enjoyed visiting your blog and getting your emails. You are a very sweet person!

  137. My day is filled with all good things. I am sad, however, to read of your decision to step away. At the same time, I affords an opportunity to let you know how grateful I am for your time and work. Thank you.

  138. Well, my day is just starting, but since it’s still the weekend it should be good! The holidays are creeping up so quickly and I need to get organized. I hope things are going great for you and yours! Please stay safe everyone and Happy Holidays to all.

    1. Oh boy…I feel for ya!! Been there, hated that! But I honestly believe you will land in a place where you will make a very happy home for yourself!!

  139. I will truly miss your blog – do not think I am going away! I will still check your Facebook everyday and share things with you – because of you I have met ( is that the right word) both Kate and Tamra who I consider my friends….w/o you I would never have learned about them and their lives.. Thank you Connie.. miss you already!

  140. 12 years of writing your blog. Watching Alice grow up. Seeing your move from California to Idaho. Laughing at some of your crafting attempts. Dang, I’ll miss this blog if you decide to stop doing it. ?❤??????

  141. Well, now I’m sad! But relieved you are okay! I was a little worried…but then I saw you were on Instagram and Facebook, etc., so I figured you were okay! I understand. Sometimes you just reach a stopping point. We are all still going to be stalking you on Facebook & Instagram, though. Fair warning!! I still expect updates there on poor, bored Francis. And when I find a good giveaway on Instagram, you’re still getting tagged, lol!! If I find some weird sh$# that needs to be in your yard art…well, you’ll be hearing about it! I’m your worst nightmare– a friend with way too much time on my hands!! ??

  142. Oh, Connie, now I’m crying again! What’ll I do without you lot? You’ve kept me relatively sane for years!

  143. My day was going pretty good until I read that you are ending your blog. Man I have enjoyed coming to it every single day. I have so loved your Instagram pictures. Thank you for all your hard work and thank you for doing one last giveaway. I will so miss you.

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