$50 Your Way Giveaway!! February 2022

February Giveaway

Giveaway Tools still hasn’t fixed (OR gotten back with me) the Twitter entries.  Going to start a daily email campaign. 

Happy February Little Peanuts. How about we do another $50 Giveaway?!  I went ahead and paid for another 3 months; I just can’t seem to stop! Sheeesh!!

This months update. Yup, lots of snow AGAIN!! Francis is totally covered again.

My biggest news for February is Selena and Alice will be coming up for a long weekend visit! Alice has never seen snow and I am soooo giddy to show her Idaho SNOW!! In places it’s going to be taller than she is. I can’t WAIT!  I have a list of snow activities:

Snow Family
Snow Angels
Water color in balloons and freeze over night then decorate the driveway.
Making snow mounds with glow sticks!
Painting the walkway to the house

What am I missing??

I am SO EXCITED!!! Snow!!! Who would have ever thought I would be begging for MORE snow?!

February Giveaway


I truly am thankful you stop by! Most of you everyday. I– am blown away by your support!!

My monthly $50 giveaway is my way of saying THANK YOU for being a follower! I really do appreciate the fact that you are here. THANK YOU!!!

This months giveaway has the same exact spiel as last month and the month before and the month before that! The year before and well, you get the idea. For as long as this giveaway is popular, I’ll continue to do it. I am truly thankful and feeling blessed that you stop by. This giveaway is open worldwide for PayPal option only. (I’m not sure the other GC would work worldwide) This is a Giveaway that is hosted only by me. So, by coming back often and staying around for a while, looking at more than one page, really helps me. Of course, any extra clicks on advertisements is always appreciated!!
GOOD LUCK Little Peanuts!!

427 thoughts on “$50 Your Way Giveaway!! February 2022

  1. It’s gone midnight so Happy St. David’s Day to Welsh people everywhere! I’ll take a bunch of daffy dillies to Mum’s grave later today. Had a cuppa in a local hotel with a couple of other altos from the choir last night to say goodbye. Going to bed now (hopefully to sleep if I can switch my brain off). Chat again from my new lodgings in Strokestown, Co. Roscommon in a couple of days. EEK!

  2. the day is going well – lots of things checked off the list this morning list so this afternoon is a little easier. thanks

  3. Sun is shinning temp is going to be 46 today. Waiting on maintenance to come fix the lock on my door. Friday they fixed the hinges but now it will not lock without lifting the door.

    End of the month time change will be in 17 days!! Spring is trying

  4. My day is going fine so far. I had some warm oatmeal for breakfast. Today is everyone’s favorite checkup … at the dentist!

  5. My day is just starting but looks like it will be a good one. I can relax until 6 p.m and pick up my son from work.

  6. Change of plan: removals man just phoned to say that he can’t get here before Wed. morning. That actually suits better!

  7. Reached for the cat this morning then remembered. One more day of cleaning, packing then tomorrow the internet people will be here to take the router & aerial so I’ll be incommunicado for a day or two. Tomorrow’s also removals day. I’m planning on staying here with a duvet & heater to do the final clean & set off Wednesday morning for the West.

  8. Well, this has been a mixed month. The weather wasn’t too bad but my ankle has been hurting. I’m just looking forward to saying ‘it’s March.’ That feels like Springtime even if it’s still cold, lol.

  9. Just going with the flow quiet and relaxed did nothing!! Started on my new J D Robb book almost half way through

  10. I’m having a lovely day listening to the livestream on a concert I wasn’t able to attend in person. It certainly makes my day

  11. My day has gone fine so far. I had a nice bowl of oatmeal for breakfast. I had some chicken meatballs and rice for dinner.

  12. I am working around the house today and am already worn out. Catching up on laundry for the week and cleaning time to take a break.

  13. I’m doing good today. It’s going to be in the 60’s this week so that’s something to look forward to. I’m going to be doing some cleaning, laundry and cooking meals to freeze for the week.

  14. A blustery Sunday. Expecting snow squalls just as its time to pick up my son from work. Of course the one Sunday he’s asked to work.

  15. I was so looking forward to a lie-in so of course I was wide awake at 6am. It was really weird not to have the cat demanding attention. Anyway, off to defrost the freezer, clean the fridge & clean the bathrooms.

  16. The month is almost over and I have no idea where it went… time is swiftly moving on.. got my cup of coffee and checking emails … then off to put a chicken in to roast and read and listen to music.. happy Sunday all.. and Dimarche Gras….

  17. I’m thinking of trying one of those anti-inflammation diets. It’s supposed to help arthritis pain. Worth a try, I guess. I don’t know a thing about the diet, though. I wonder if it would fit in with my usual Mediterranean/low-carbish thing.

    1. Go easy on acidic foods like tomatoes. Mum gave up chicken & it really helped. Also whenever she had a bad flare-up she drank tonic water. Grapes are supposed to be good as well.

      1. I had no idea chicken affected inflammation! And tonic water is good? Clearly, I’m clueless about this type of diet!! I have to go take a look at it, google it.

  18. Sunshine today and up to 40 degrees. The first day over freezing since Monday. I just had a long sleep and a quiet day after finally getting my WiFi back to working. I didn’t realize just how much I use Alexa until I didn’t have her for a full day and night. My internet has been working fine, just the WiFi on the fritz.

  19. My day has gone fine so far. I had oatmeal for breakfast. I have some crispy bacon left over for a BLT sandwich another day!

  20. Nice day sleep in till 7:00 am I know I know but I usually wake up at 5am. Many many years of doing to get to work on time. And then I got a afternoon nap………….

  21. I spent almost two hours trying to get my new cell phone to work and finally gave up for the day before I freak out and pull my hair out. Seriously, I’ve had countless cell phones in the past and this one is stupid! I am going to to do some fun stuff now to turn my day around. Hope you are having a nice Saturday now where’s a glass of wine.

  22. What a day. I got lost taking the cat to his temporary new home, had to cancel a goodbye lunch ‘cos I was running so late, and got home to find my bin full of my sister’s rubbish. Dear God, it made me so angry I got a headache. I know that in the greater scheme of things that this is petty, but it’s my last bin collection on Monday and I’ve got more than usual plus I pay for the bloody thing. I stood in the garden and screamed my head off and many an expletive was roared into the wind.

    1. Is it wrong that I’m laughing at the idea that possibly someone was outside hearing you scream in your garden??? I’m picturing the conversation he/she had at home when they relayed the story of Crazy Kate spewing expletives in her garden…Seriously, don’t let yourself get too stressed with this move. But I know that’s useless advice. Moves just are stressful.

  23. My left ankle hurts (arthritis). My right knee hurts (left over from the sepsis,) My right arm hurts (the sepsis leftovers again.) And now I have a pinched nerve radiating pain down my left arm. Damn. Y’all I don’t have a single GOOD limb anymore…I have to laugh. ?

  24. I had to get a new cell phone today because of all this upgrading crap and I am not happy about it! My old cell phone was not 4G compatible and I really liked that phone. So now I have to set up this new phone and learn all the crap about it not happy!

  25. Good day got my apartment door fixed didn’t know it was broke. Just though the hinges needed WD40

    Got high of 35 today and a little rain BUT spring is coming

  26. Just got my mail re-directed for 3 months to my sister’s house down the road. The cost? €90, that’s over $120 – sheer bloody madness. Trying to get my head around Putin’s behaviour – more bloody madness.

    1. You have to pay to have your mail sent elsewhere???? That’s insane! Putin’s reason is the same as his reasons always are: he thinks there’s something in it for him and screw anyone else who might get hurt. I have given up looking for sane reasons for his choices. It’s a hopeless search.

  27. My son’s windshield wiper linkage broke today, good thing for YouTube and my husband and son being handy so they could fix it themselves

  28. I’m trying to find the energy & strength to start shoveling then clearing off car. I’m just so tired & sore but can’t find anyone who wants to help.

  29. My personal day is going well, except that it is a little cold for Oklahoma–it probably shouldn’t bother me since I am originally from Minnesota, but I am always colder than everyone else in the family! Otherwise, it is depressing that I am watching a land grab on the news.

  30. Sitting here with clear memories of the Cold War…in the early to late 50’s in grammar school going down to the bomb shelters on drills every week.. I pray hard for the people of the Ukraine….

    1. Oh, I remember as a kid being so anxious about nuclear war and the Soviet Union…Remember ‘duck & cover’ drills? Like hiding under a desk was going to save us…

  31. this day is a day that causes me to pause and take stock of all that is happening, be grateful for what I have, and think of how I can make a difference. thanks

  32. My day is okay. After I went to Target to pick up bread for sandwiches and was shocked by the price increase, I decided to shop around more often. This from someone who hates shopping of any kind.

  33. My day was going pretty good until I got online and heard the news of the day now I am so sad for the people of the Ukraine am praying for them. I am also worried about gas prices yesterday the cheapest was $4.09 per gallon in my area now I am sure it is going to skyrocket.

  34. After a few days of rain the sun is out bright and shining – the sky is a lovely shade of blue and I am outside in the garden…

  35. I had a very eventful day. Yesterday the landlord calls to say he will be here at 9 a.m to fix faucets & toilet. Spent yesterday afternoon cleaning out bathroom vanity, under kitchen sink & removing shelf over toilet. First they couldn’t get faucet off in bathroom. Then take guts out of toilet thinking they could just replace them. Came back with real cool faucets & whole new toilet. Even a nice goose neck one for kitchen that unfortunately didn’t fit. Then they went to get toilet in place & didn’t fit the seal right. Went back for another & doubled up. Made a complete mess of my bathroom. Used 2 of my bath towels & hand towel to wipe up water. Dumped blue toilet water in my shower that is now stained. Got blue gunk on wall along with dirty fingerprints. Best thng…toilet leaks all over & they won’t come back until tomorrow! Found some maxi pads that I no longer need & using them to soak up the water! I can’t afford to waste paper towels or ruin any more bath towels! We so want to send him a bill! Did I mention they used my husbands tools too?!?!?!?

    1. What? That’s madness. Talk about ineptitude. Dear God, I am not able to cope with people like that. I wish you (and your toilet) better times ahead!

    2. I had to laugh at the maxi pads! That’s genius right there!! Those repairmen sound like the type of ‘handy’ men I run into…I think the world might be better put together if women were the ones who usually repair things!!

  36. My day is going pretty well. I am just waiting for dinner to be delivered and ready to eat. Also going to watch This is Us and attempt to see if anyone has HBO max that I can use to watch a show (:

  37. My dad is going pretty well. I am just waiting for dinner to be delivered and ready to eat. Also going to watch This is Us and attempt to see if anyone has HBO max that I can use to watch a show (:

  38. My day is going by super fast today. I had a lot of running around to do in town and should have set out earlier than I did. Now I am just now getting home and getting into relax mode.

  39. I spent the morning contacting the utility companies about the change of address. It’s still extremely windy so I’m trying to do as much online/phone stuff in case the power goes. My sister’s dog has smashed more of my outdoor pots and strewn my ‘green babies’ round their yard but the weather’s too bad to do anything about it. Breaks my heart but have to be pragmatic about it.

  40. Yesterday was my husbands birthday….Spent the late afternoon and evening remembering all the birthdays.. 50 of them! LOL…put on Wes Montgomery, Gabor Szabo and the first jazz album we ever listened to together Quincey Jones Walking in Space….. and the first single Rainy Night in Georgia Brook Benton…and yes the tears flowed then I smiled….

    1. I love how connected you two still are. I think on some level, he must still feel it, too. I don’t want to get all ‘cosmic’ or far-out on you, but I just don’t think that kind of energy or connection, or whatever you want to call it, just vanishes. It might change to a different form, but it’s still there. It does sound like a beautiful way to mark the day.

  41. So I started watching my baby grandson today since my daughter is back to work. I have to admit it was kind of a rough day.

  42. So, I went to the grocery today. First time in over 4 years. It was just as tedious & stressful as I remembered, lol.

  43. Quiet day at home keeping warm. Got up to 10 degrees for a while today. Currently snowing with 5 degrees and a wind chill of -15 .

  44. My day is going pretty good so far. We woke up to some much needed snow this morning and it is super cold here just trying to heat the house up before the night sets in.

  45. Another rainy grey day – suits me fine – staying in and bring the pooch up to keep me company along with the cats!

  46. Happy Shopping Day, Tamra!!!
    As for me, I woke at 6am ‘cos of the storm and it dawned on me that I’ve only 7 days left in this house – eek! My check-up went well yesterday and thankfully my blood pressure is back to normal – phew!

    1. I’m glad to hear your bp is good! My shopping day was okay. My arms and legs will probably feel it tomorrow! (I take the leg rests off the chair so I can maneuver better using my legs)–And I just couldn’t reach a few things, but it was okay.

  47. My day is going pretty good just got home from doing some shopping. I was a little worried about the weather as it was snow a tiny bit when I left the house so I did some quick running around and came back home.

  48. Another bad storm on it’s way – that’s 3 in a week! Off to the Doc’s later for a last check-up before I leave here.

  49. hustling to make breakfast and hang out some clothes and if I have time sanitizing the aviary before school! glad to be back at class today – both with Art History later this day….

  50. What an odd day. I spent to much time looking for an old billfold but it was driving me nuts trying to figure out where I had put it, lol. By the time I found it the day was mostly gone…

  51. Good swim with my friend. Then a stop at the grocery to pick up my order. The sun is shining and it got up to 64 degrees today. The high on Tuesday will be 14 or 50 degrees colder than today with snow.

  52. Was hoping for a relaxing day of doing nothing but ended up running quick errand for my mother in law. Made a batch of spaghetti sauce for later this week and getting ready to throw a pizza in & call it a day!

  53. We’re having a really good day. It’s cold but the kids are really enjoying being outside making snow-persons. Hot chocolate will be ready when they come in.

  54. My day is going fine so far. I made a pot of vegetable soup and it was good. I am about to make some mini meatloaves and put them in the oven.

  55. I ran and got coffee with my daughter to help a local fundraiser. I finally feel good enough to do my sons birthday dinner later.

  56. More wind, more power cuts, more going to bed to keep warm. I cooked a pizza early & had it cold by candlelight! I’ve got a Dr.s appointment tomorrow so I hope to goodness I’ll be able to have a shower!

  57. The sky is grey but who cares.. I am so glad to sit here enjoy my coffee and plan my day of doing nothing but “me” things.. reading, listening to music and a good film later on.. Happy Sunday to all…..

  58. It’s been a decent day, I was able to get a lot done around the house.
    Glad I didn’t have work today because we had a snow squall come through this afternoon.

  59. We had quite a few nasty zero visibility snow squalls today. Luckily they happened in between my errand runs/picking up son from work.

  60. the day is going well – managed some good timing. went out for a walk earlier, now it’s raining, and later it will snow.

  61. Well, I’ve finally gotten fed up with letting others pick out my groceries, lol. Yes, I have scheduled a trip to the grocery. (Listen, when you are in a wheelchair, you have to go by FTSB bus, which has to be arranged 3 days in advance (Sundays don’t count, so 4 days if a Sunday falls in there.) I always feel in the way in this thing. But you know what, I decided places are supposed to be accessible to disability, so let them accommodate me, lol!! I might not be able to do some big grocery run, but I can get the things I’d rather choose for myself. (It’s annoying when you want a small pork roast to cook in beans and they send a 6 pound hulk that would feed a family of 6 at Thanksgiving.) Anyway, Tuesday, for the first time in over 4 years, I’m doing my own grocery shopping (I mean, before the pandemic, I was laid up for almost 2 years, so it has been that long! It was January of 2018)

  62. I am trying to have a nice mellow Saturday. I did a lot of running around yesterday and wore myself out. Hope you have a great day.

  63. We were 10 hours without power! Once it got dark, without light and heat, I just went to bed and slept all night.

    1. Wow, that would have been like 10 hours of living in another century, lol. What did people do before electricity???? Oh, yeah, they went to bed early, lol.

  64. Sitting here figuring out what I plan to do today – should do laundry and do a bit of dusting but really all I want to do is sit here and go on a virtual tour of an art museum!

    1. It’s Saturday, girl!!! Go to that virtual art museum!!! Laundry will still be there tomorrow or the next day or… lol.

  65. My day started with an inch of ice blocking my door & almost couldn’t get out. Slow drive taking my son to work. Thank goodness it cleared up by the time he was done. Had a surprise announcement that he was going to be trained as an assistant manager. Hopefully he can get things straight with his truck soon because I won’t be able to handle the late night /last minute driving.

  66. My day is going ok. I had a lot of running around to do today and should have eaten more for breakfast as I was pretty grumpy had to get a hamburger at Carl’s Jr. to kill the beast inside lol.

  67. The overnight and morning hours were not much to get excited about. It was pouring buckets this morning. I was in pain and didn’t get much less overnight. The sun is shining brightly now. I have a heating pad on my back and hubby is picking up a script. Might save the day, after all.

  68. It is supposed to warm up nicely today, and although we need moisture badly I cannot be sorry that the latest storm pretty well missed us.

  69. My day is going fine so far. It is starting to be sunny. It was so windy last night – the wind just howled all night. I think I heard that the wind was blowing up to 18 miles per hour!

  70. Ugh! I got very little sleep last night it was so windy plus the cat insisted on sleeping on my head. Doing this now (05.15) in case we lose power. That’s storm Dudley over and now Eunice is on her way.

  71. My friend called and said she had company from out of town and would not be at the pool this afternoon. I went there anyway and THE POOL WAS CLOSED!!! It may be back tomorrow, but I’ll call first. Sunshine and 35 degrees after yesterday’s 5 inches of snow.

  72. Yesterday was an interesting day.. at noon the power went.. ok.. I am used to this every once in awhile…no it was an island wide grid outage! Power came back at 1am here in our little village – the earliest came back @ 6pm…investigations continue…..lets see how this plays out….

  73. Its been a dreary rainy day. Waiting for the mixed precipitation to start. Luckily I don’t have to worry about driving in it tonight. Tomorrow morning may be a different story.

  74. So far so good re. organising the house move. Phew! I feel completely whacked and we’ve 2 bad storms on their way tonight & tomorrow so I think I’ll take the evening off.

  75. I’m doing good. It’s my Mom’s 65th Birthday today so we will be celebrating her birthday at home. Wishing her good health always and long life to live. I hope I will win this contest so I could bring her out of town and enjoy a short vacation with her. $50 is already a huge amount for us. Thank you 🙂

  76. By the numbers: yesterday’s high temp was 57 degrees. Today we’re expecting 5-7 inches of snow. I’m just staying home.

  77. the day is going well – got all the appointments taken care of and a walk outside in the brisk but bright day. thanks

  78. Going to be a good day. Just a couple of small errands to run. We are expected some high winds with mixed snow & rain. Thank goodness I’m not going anywhere again until Friday!

  79. A busy morning trying to organise everything for moving house. My removals guy is taking his girlfriend to Paris for a week so I’ll probably have to move out the day before the new people move in. That means shifting my accommodation and the cat but I’ll work it out somehow.

  80. Up and at em this morning so I can get everything done before class..Art History today.. then out to weed and clean a flower bed.. have to go out tomorrow for an eye appointment so the day will be lost…

  81. More than half way through February. I’m good with that since it means Winter is close to coming to a close.

  82. Went downtown for my infusion. I do not like traffic. Then went to Smashburger for my treats. 55 degrees ahead of a snowstorm tomorrow.

  83. good day my great niece (5)was spending the day with her grandmother and she asked to come see me. Her grandmother lives in the same building I do.

    Zay brought me a V-Day card she made and asked for my Mac & Cheese

  84. Eek! We have a closing date!!! Thursday 3rd. March – 2 weeks away! Now trying to juggle removal, storage, cat and Bed & Breakfast dates. This morning I lay in bed thinking that if it doesn’t happen soon I’ll go bonkers and now this. I may go bonkers anyway 😉

  85. My day is just starting but I’m going to try and take it easy. Once again I’m pushing myself too much and paying the price. I do need to put a light over my sink and that will be it.

  86. The Met Office has sent out an alert of dangerously high Sahara dust coming our way this week…. started yesterday and this morning the haze is apparent…keeping myself in after class except to sanitize the aviary….

  87. We are getting a teeny tiny bit of much needed rain today so I am thrilled. Hope you have a great Valentine’s Day.

  88. Happy Valentine’s Day all!! Have a wonderful love filled day – either with your spouse, partner, child, pet…as for me…champagne and chocolate

  89. The Rams are currently winning, but who knows how long this will last. The Bengals are doing better than I thought they would.

  90. We postponed our swim for an hour to watch The Puppy Bowl. Puppies were cute. Swim was good. I did a load of laundry. My friend will be watching the football game, I will not.

  91. Got up got dressed and looked out the window it was snowing and 25 degrees. So I decided I was not going anywhere laid down and took a 3 hour nap…………

  92. My day is going pretty good so far. I am getting ready to watch the Big Game this afternoon. I am making lots of goodies and lots of dips. Hope you have a great day.

  93. Today is an day of total relaxation – put the Sunday lunch in the oven and thats that…Reading a book that I had read when it came out ( my teenage years) in the 60’s to see how I feel about it now – was amazed by it then..well alot of things amazed me then so we shall see…

  94. Today I’m prepping for tonight’s super bowl food fest. I’m keeping it minimal but still a lot of prep work.

  95. I was so tired when I got up I thought the whole day would be dragging. But some good news perked things up and the day’s going much better now.

  96. This has been one of those days where I’ve been constantly busy but still feel like I’m getting nothing done and can’t catch up…

  97. Was a nice quite relaxing saturday. And a little bit ago my niece and great niece stopped buy with a valintine for me. Nothing like a hug from a 5 yr old to make your day real special.

  98. My day is going pretty good just taking it easy this weekend and getting ready for the Big Game on Sunday. I am making lots of goodies and lots of dips.

  99. As usual, the dogs are going in and out multiple times. We keep talking about a doggy door, but then would have to be concerned about wildlife coming in and cats going out, so haven’t gotten it done as yet!

  100. Baking some Valentine goodies – while I am waiting to do the decorations out the crock pot on with a good old fashioned chicken vegetable soup….

  101. My electricity bill arrived this morning. Bloody hell, prices up by 40%. I use the absolute minimum & do any laundry, dishwasher etc. at night to avail of the cheap rates. I’ve no idea how families are coping.

  102. My nephew came by today. He got his driver’s license yesterday…and this was his first time driving by himself, lol. I’m proud of him, but also missing the little guy he used to be. How did he get so grown up so soon…

  103. My day is going pretty good. I did my grocery shopping for the weekend and I was happy to get some good deals at the store for the big game on Sunday.

  104. My living room window faces the east so I get the morning sun. I have LOTS of sun catchers in my windows. This morning the sun was shinning and I had a room fun of rainbows.

  105. God, I’m worn out. Just got back after a very long day but the good news is that the sister’s colonoscopy went well. Still have to wait for biopsy results but the specialist seems pleased. It doesn’t mean that she’s in the clear but if the bowel results are good then he’ll operate to remove the cyst in 2 weeks and then another wait for results. Anyhow, for now it’s so far, so good.

  106. Today is a full day of R&R. I really overdid myself Wednesday and paid for it yesterday. I was lucky to be able to take my son to work & back with a quick trip to Wal-Mart for ginger ale.

  107. While walking the pooch this morning I realized that weeding needed to be done in the flower beds – my outside chore for the day!

  108. Good swim today with a friend. Missed the other friend who is not feeling well. Then stopped at the library and Smashburger.

  109. I live alone so it is easy to have a quiet peaceful day. Sleep in this morning till 7 and even had a hour nap. And the best thing of all is that it was 6:05 before it got dark. Extra hour of daylight

  110. My day is going super fast. I got a ton of stuff done today and am just sitting down to chill for a while. The weather is way too warm here for this time of year and it feels like spring but it shouldn’t be. I am praying for rain and soon all the local ponds are dry and that is not a good sign for this area.

  111. My day has gone fine so far. It is the start of the afternoon. I completed a chore that I had been putting off, so I feel glad about that.

  112. My sister just rang from her specialist in Dublin. She has small kidney stones & the scan has revealed a cyst-type growth. It’s either on her appendix or in the bowel, they couldn’t tell, so I’m taking her back to Dublin in the morning for an emergency colonoscopy. If it’s in the bowel, they’ll take a sample for testing. I’m quite numb. It might be nothing but having gone through Mum’s bowel cancer …

  113. My day was okay. I went to the doctor and I have an ear infection. I got medication for it and I should feel better, tomorrow.

  114. I had a super busy and tiring day! Took my mom to run errands then eye dr. Spent an hour and a half waiting for her to be done! Was supposed to run more errands but was getting closer to picking my son up from work so those are on hold until Friday. She bought us all subs and dessert so thankful for not having to cook!

  115. A bit windy today with a high of 47 degrees. Tonight I go out to pick up groceries. Have never done it at night before but that was the only slot available.

  116. My day is going great just found out that I won some Natl Geo Books on sharks. They will make the perfect birthday gift for my 60++ yr old brother. He love this type of book

  117. My day is going pretty good, just relaxing and decompressing cause I went to concert last night that was a lot of fun 🙂

  118. My day is going pretty good today. I am just doing stuff around the house today and catching up on some paperwork. Hope you have a great one.

  119. My day is going fine so far. I have some errands to run today. It is 29 degrees now and expected to go up to 56 degrees today.

  120. My day off from work, so need to get myself motivated to go do my errands. My biggest highlight of my day will be seeing my 10 month grandson later today.

  121. It’s lovely out there so I’m rushing through the chores and out I go. Think I’ll do a bit of weeding then tape some garden tools together to make them easier to pack.

  122. I’ve been reading ‘Tales of a Rock Star’s Daughter’ by Nettie Baker (Ginger Baker’s daughter.) Makes me glad I was not a Rock Star’s daughter, lol. It’s a pretty entertaining look back at the 70s/80s though.

  123. this day is going well. it’s beautiful temperature-wise but it’s also really icy outside so everyone is having to take extra caution walking. walk like a penguin…. thanks

  124. My day is going pretty good so far. I had a ton of running around to do and now I am home and resting my tired feet and legs. I so need to get a better pair of shoes for when I have a lot of walking to do. Today I wore my UGG boots and they are super warm and comfortable but there is no support in them for walking all over stores.

  125. Its been a slow day for me. Tomorrow is jam packed with running around and I need to rest up or expect a huge flare up!

  126. Having a good day, sun is shinning but on 28 right now. Did a little crafting today finishing up a gift for my great niece.

  127. I bought a 20L dehumidifier unit & it arrived this morning. The houses I’ll be able to afford all look like they haven’t been lived in for a while so it’ll sort out the damp a lot cheaper and quicker than heating.

      1. Wonderful.. I am very glad I decided to follow this dream – better late then never… Kate this is bringing me a new joy!

  128. Well, not a bad day. I think I got the post office straightened out (they are supposed to bring my mail to the box installed just outside my door now instead of the apartment’s boxes that are in a spot I can’t get to in a wheelchair)–and found out I won a gift card. Of course I have to wait 8 to 10 weeks for it, lol, but still it’s nice.

    1. Ooh, lovely, something to look forward to. Of course, if you’re like me you’ll have it spent before it arrives!

  129. My day was pretty good. Had sticker shock at the grocery store! I swear my total doubles for the exact things every month! Then later went shopping for my mother in law and was shocked the milk was wiped out! Like what the heck? In 5 hours no milk! Luckily I found a gallon left of the milk she wanted!

  130. My day (week) is going Ok I suppose it’s been a lot stressful and been in a funk lately. I try to stay positive and relax as much as I can.

  131. it’s a bright day today – lots of sunshine and warmer temperatures to help make the day go well. lot sot do thanks

  132. Having a good day the weather is looking good this week some days are going to be in the 50th. Got a new book in today from one of my favorite authors. J.D. Robb so going to spend the evening reading. Hope you are having a great day. And I love the ideals you did with decorating out in the snow. Going to share with my niece so she can do with her daughter the next time it snows.

    1. Oh my gosh JD Robb is my FAVORITE! Have you listened to the audio version? The reader truly brings Eve and Rourk(sp) to life.

  133. My kitten has kept me super busy today, she decided it would be fun to rip the curtains down in my bedroom rod and all.

  134. The buyers have paid the deposit in full! Another step closer to moving! Spent the day cleaning. Honestly, living alone in a 4-bedroomed house, you’d think there’d be less cleaning but this is the dustiest house I’ve ever lived in.

  135. All set to start class – wait…where is my new uniform and shoes?? I put all my interests on hold for my busband’s dreams and wishes for over 50 years so here I am at 70 doing my own wishes and dreams – do I regret the path I took NO but this is now me time…

  136. My day is going fine so far. Actually it is still the middle of the night. It is supposed to snow today – actually it is snowing now.

  137. It’s been a pretty slow day. I cleaned a few things in the kitchen, tried to organize a few random things that have been just laying around gathering dust. Typical Sunday.

  138. My great niece (5) spend saturday with me (72) and we had a lot of fun… But she worn me out after she left I had a 2 hr nap. Was asleep my 10 and wide awake at 5. Got up got dressed and looked at my recliner and decided I needed a nap 🙂 After I got up made a pot of chili, bagged most of it up and into the freezer. Love having chili in the freeezer for those days you don’t want to cook. a little reading and a little computer and I am going to watch a show on Prime.

    It is heck getting old but naps recharge me:-)

  139. My day is going pretty good just got in the door from doing some major grocery shopping and now we are all stocked up for a while. I like to do my shopping during the week to avoid the crowds but we were out of almost everything so I hit the store early today.

  140. Got all my ducks in a row on my to-do chore list because tomorrow I start classes – zoom orientation for both French and Art History – graduated uni in 1974 – my last chance to do all the courses I didn’t have the time to do….

  141. Not too bad of a day. Cleaned out fridge & freezer then inventoried the pantry. Made shopping list for tomorrow. Just waiting until 5 when I have to go pick up my son.

  142. Dear God, it’s cold today but I don’t want to spend on heating oil that I’ll have to leave behind. Hopefully this week will bring some good news on the house sale. Anyway, Ireland beat Wales while Scotland beat England. Italy play France today.

      1. We are the same way. I usually huddle under a heated throw on the couch.
        My craftroom is the coldest room in the house I need to just go and buy a room heater.

  143. It was a good day, today. It was milder, and we got a few inches of snow. And my grandson came over for a visit. Always fun.

  144. I’m sitting here online and half watching true-crime shows on TV, lol. That pretty much describes my day. Outside is still freezing cold and icy with a topping of snow, so I’m not going out!!

  145. My day wasn’t too bad. Recovering from yesterday’s snow shoveling. Put some pain patches on and took a muscle relaxer around four then took a two hour nap!

  146. My day has gone fine so far. I am baking chicken in the cover. It smells very good!

    PS. Will you make snow ice cream with the girls?

  147. My day is going pretty good so far. I am staying home and catching up on a few things. I did a ton of running around yesterday and it really wore me out.

  148. it’s a lovely day today, despite the snow. there’s hardly any wind so the big snowflakes just dance and swirl around on their way to the ground. thanks

  149. Lawn man here since 6am almost done then raking begins! Really just want to sit and watch Silent Witness..lol

  150. It’s very windy today so staying in. Time to go through Mum’s make-up bag. No point putting it off any longer.

    1. When Mom died, I basically shut her bedroom door for over 6 months. Then, one day, I said ‘might as well do it’ and went through everything. Some time has to pass…definitely. You’ll find things that’ll make you cry, but also things that make you smile, probably.

        1. With my Mom it was a shade of stick foundation that they stopped making here decades ago–in fact, I had to order it for her on Amazon from Ireland! My Mom was very pale, lol. She used to joke that apparently only people in Ireland were as pale as her. Oh, and her Jontue perfume, I found bottles of it with a few drops in each. (When my Great-Grandpa died we found bottles of a different type for years…buried in Granny’s flowerbed when we went to transplant a few, in boxes in the garage when we cleaned it out over 20 years after he died!!! Here and there in boxes in the basement–you never knew where or when one would turn up.)

  151. Good swim today with my friend. She called this morning to see if I was still planning to go and I said yes. At least the sun was shining and it got up to 33 degrees.

  152. We had ice coming down steady all night, topped with a little snow this morning. So, it looks like a small snow, no big deal…then you step on it or drive on it and go sliding…

  153. I am spinning from the busy day I have had today. I did some serious birthday shopping today for a loved one’s birthday that is tomorrow. I think I remembered everything I sure hope so. I am now resting with an adult beverage and resting my poor tired feet.

  154. It’s Friday and I’m sitting in front of a cozy heater while I work, so I can’t complain! My day is going pretty well. Hope yours is as well!

  155. So, it’s been awhile since my last comment and visit for that matter. I saw that snow picture on your FB page. That is crazy. We just got a snow and sleet storm last night. It is pretty but that is all I can say for it.

  156. The schools are closed. The streets are a sheet of ice. I am trying to stay warm. I am watching a movie on Prime.

  157. The sun came out today. But it didn’t warm up after an overnight low of -11. I just stayed home and didn’t go swimming. Will go tomorrow.

  158. It’s been a pretty nasty day here as far as weather. Cold with sleet and rain.
    Otherwise the day was good.

  159. A day full of anxiety! Was all worried about the storm. Taking my son to & from work in it was causing major anxiety! Luckily it wasn’t bad this morning and was just getting bad when I picked him up. Made him & his girl a care package of food so they wouldn’t have to walk in this weather to the store & should last them through the weekend.

  160. My day was going pretty nice until I had to deal with a nasty person but I am not going to let them ruin my day. The sun is out and it is a nice day here hope you are having a great day.

  161. The first of my daffodils opened today and the 6 Nations starts on Saturday. So many memories of Mum and Dad vying over who would win! The 6 Nations is a rugby Championship between Ireland, England, Wales, Scotland, France and Italy and with Mum being Welsh, Dad English and all of us living in Ireland for decades, things could get rather noisy!

  162. Making all my lists for tomorrows monthly shopping – arghhhh – used to love it now I just get it done…5 stops to make so want to start early and move!

  163. We got about 8 inches of snow here in Lakewood. Currently 9 degrees with a wind chill of -5. I did not go out today. (surprise!)

  164. I finally had enough energy to water ‘the jungle’ in the living room. It usually takes most of the morning so the day is going somewhat slowly. That’s OK – the plants are worth it.

  165. My day is going very well. I’ve got the entire day’s tasks on the go and more or less on time. I’ll take it.

  166. It’s been a pretty good day so far. Dropped my car off to get serviced and no major issues, so that is a good thing.

  167. I tidied up the indoor plants today, taking out dead/ish leaves, stems etc. and measured their height & width. Then I worked out the best place to put them in the car to come with me when I move out. There won’t be much room left for 2 weeks of clothes, water & goodies but I’ll get there. Anyway, have to get the closing date, put the cat into a cattery and shift the furniture into storage before all that happens.

  168. I made some loaves of potato bread and a large sicilian pizza in a half sheet pan. I’m happy when I can bake 🙂

  169. Wow, Alice is going from never seen snow to the Idaho version of being thrown into the deep end to learn to swim!! She’ll love it!

  170. I got the main thing accomplished today: took the big trash can out to the curb. I usually do it Tuesday night but they were saying snow starting at 5pm. It started at 3pm instead. The trash can now has an inch of snow on it. Expecting 5-12 inches by Wed night. Slow moving storm. Big chill of -5 for Wed morning.
    Connie, so glad you’re doing at least 3 months more.

  171. Preparing for our first snow of the season (finally!) in Indianapolis. And it supposed to be a record breaker of 16-18”! ❄️

  172. It’s the 1st day of Spring in Ireland (originates from the old Celtic Festival of Imbolc when the Fire Goddess starts to warm up the earth). Apparently it’s where the old Christian Candlemas comes from as well. Anyway, apart from that, the house sale contracts are now back with our solicitor so things are moving along at last.

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