A Cute Alternative To A Night Light! Playbrites Play Face

A toy and a nightlight all in one! How cute are these little lights? They remind me of a Mr. Potato Head but with perks! Like a light show! The Playbrites Play Face not only light up, but they provide a light show in the room and on the ceiling.

Collect all of them and you could have some very unique and fun faces!

The Playbrites Play Face requires 3 AA batteries which are not included. I love the fact that the battery compartment requires a screw driver to open.

Once you insert the batteries, put together your face and press the entire egg shaped Playbrite lights up and the light show begins!

Everything fits together inside the Play Face, which is very convenient and makes clean up easy.

There is a handle as well so your child can carry this light around with them.

    • Turns your child’s ceiling into a magical light show
    • Magical Tap Light works in the day or at night
    • Playbrites Play Face pieces are compatible with other Playbrites characters for more mix and match fun
    • Comes with carry handle
    • For traveling or lighting the way
    • Store Playbrites Play Face pieces Inside Body
    • Promotes Restful Sleep
    • Alleviates Fear Of The Dark
    • Makes Funtime Anytime
    • Long Lasting LED Lights
    • Automatic Shut Off

It lights up the ceiling really nice and creates a soft light for relaxing and going to sleep. The light goes off automatically another great perk!

Cute Christmas idea!



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