A Guide To Setting Up Your Home Office

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, almost everyone who used to work in an office is now working from home. This has proved pretty problematic for many people, in particular those who do not already have a home office set up and ready to rock. If you’re one of those people, working from the couch might have seemed a fun change in the short term – but it’s time to think long term. This virus doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, and we might be in the home-working lifestyle for the long haul. 

Creating Your Space

Creating your home office space will depend on the kind of space you have in your home. It might be a corner of your bedroom, a counter in your kitchen, or if you’re lucky enough, an entire room dedicated to your work. If you run your own business or have a very intense job, it’s important that you carve out your own space in your home that can simulate an office environment. This means no home-related disturbances, no lazing around, full-concentration. 

Reaching Out

Reaching out when you need it is an important habit to get into. If you take on the world alone, you will find yourself cracking under the stress. Taking the advice of professionals in order to cultivate your perfect home office is advisable. Unless you are a computer expert you will likely need IT support to help you recreate an office-level setup in your own home. 

Similarly, if you are worried about feeling hemmed in in a dull, boring room without any character, you can reach out to a designer or decorator for assistance. Implementing positive vibes into your office space, such as artworks and posters you love, houseplants, books and a comfortable chair are all things that you can get help with from professionals. 

Laying The Boundaries

No matter your living situation – unless you live alone – you need to have boundaries in your household. Whether you live with friends, roommates or family, you must always set out what is acceptable and what is not acceptable to you. When it comes to your office environment, you must enforce your boundaries with those who share your living space. Prioritizing yourself when it comes to work has never been more important in this crazy time. 

If you are a mom or dad, ensure your kids understand what it means to leave you be. That doesn’t mean being a horrible or strict parent, just making sure they understand that mom is working right now and she can’t be disturbed until, say, 1pm. Then your kids know when it’s okay to come in and give you a huge hug, and when it’s time to find something else to do. 


Setting up your home office doesn’t have to be stressful. In fact, it can be fun. Finding a way to prioritize work at home demands innovation and a little bit of trial and error. What are you waiting for?


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