A Movie Star in The Making! Thanks to Brooke Byler Acting School!

My little movie star in the making!! Alice went to a week long acting camp with Brook Byler. She has working actors taking her acting courses! For instance Alice’s BFF Olive! Who stars in the series I’m Sorry (BTW I put a licp below so you can see Olive. AND a big congratulations for getting a season 3 nod!) Yup. I hang out with movie stars when I am on California!

Brook Byler’s Acting School is super fun. That is per Alice and Olive. Kids learn so much, like memorizing lines, helping with production. Kids learn everything (okay, maybe not EVERYTHING) that goes into making a movie.

At the end of the week families arrive for the PREMIER of the movie. Red carpet, balloons and all! So cute!!! Families even go home with a copy of their movie. The movie is only 9 minutes and includes all the end credits.

Without further ado here is Nailed It. Written and Directed by Brook Byler.

Alice is in a yellow t-shirt her character is the bossy one. (ummmmm can you say PERFECT casting?!?!)

And as promised this is the trailer for I’m Sorry (now filming it’s 3rd season!)


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