A New Chapter Begins!

A new chapter is beginning for me today. All the packing, sorting and tossing is finally (mostly) done. Today I am on my way to Idaho in my bright orange Subaru Crosstrek.  Yup. It’s orange! It’s Denver Bronco Orange even! (Insert big cheesy grin here)

My car is packed to the gills. My phone is loaded up with Audible books. Bottles of water, granola bars and hard candies ready. Full box of tissues on the front seat because I’m so full of emotions right now I will probably cry for most of California. I’m dreading leaving my family here. Stupid California high taxes and high cost of living.

I won’t be updating PBnWhine for the next few days, but if you care to watch my progress follow my drive I will update Instagram. You can travel with me here.

1425 miles!!  20 hours. Datsalotta road!!

**All sorts of changes for me, stopped coloring my hair. Check out all that white!!  Seriously, it’s kinda freeing not having to watch for roots. I think I will just let Mother Nature continue with the coloring.

That’s a whole lot of miles that I can spend thinking and reflecting on the move. From, making a mental list of things that I will have to do when I reach Idaho. A new house means a lot of work. Stock the cupboards, but first give them all a thorough cleaning. Cleaning bathrooms, take a drivers license test! (I hate tests!) I need to find a new bank. Locate the library. Find a local pool so I can be like Sarah and take a swim class.

I have all new roads to learn, new short cuts. New everything! Yes, I am stressing out BIG time!! If this move doesn’t go right I’ll be looking for a rehab center.

Okay, petal to the metal. Let’s do this!!


  • Terry

    Have a safe trip and you will absolutely love northern Idaho as I used to live there and would love to go back in the next year. Sandpoint is such a beautiful place.

  • Rosie

    I’m looking at the homes in Sandpoint on Realtor.com. So many gorgeous homes with views so nice, I’ve said “wow” more times than I can count. It is so nice. I’d want to move there, but the only property in my price range was a mobile home – and just one. It looks like an “uptick” area.

  • Tamra Phelps

    oh, my goodness. drive safe! love that orange car…if you decide to color your hair again, Bronco orange is the way to go, lolol!

  • Rosie

    Safe travels! Where we are the cost of living is very high, taxes at state and local level too hard for many, esp seniors. Maybe your family will want to move to Idaho when they see how nice it is.

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