A to Z April Challenge Letter S

Selena is my oldest kid. I still can’t believe I have a 36 year old!! WHAAAA??!!??!
Selena is the mom of Alice.  Partner to Dan. 
Selena works full time for the police department. Thankfully, she LOVES her job… cause I get to watch Alice while she is at work. (I know… LUCKY NaNa!!)

Selena also volunteers at Take The Lead Canine Training 2 days a week.

Selena’s also in school getting her Masters.

THEN… she crams a weeks work of extra actives on her days off! I’m exhausted JUST TYPING all this!!

Another one of my crazy kids that loves to hike and run marathons.  (SERIOUSLY!! These girls of mine did NOT get that from me!!) Exercise for FUN?!??! WHAT is in the food they are eating?!?!  (I already checked for drugs and alcohol)

S is for Selena: silly, funny, sarcastic and energetic!!

A to Z Challenge blog everyday except Sunday (per the rules) with my theme being what makes me happy, what inspires me and what makes me ME!!!  So be prepared for more information about me than you ever wanted to know!!


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