Abatons Animals – Collectibles Review

The Abatons Animals are coming!! If you have kids you are probably aware of BLIND BAGS! These are small Mylar bags with mystery toys or collectibles. 6-year-old Alice goes nuts for blind bags! She can barely contain her excitement when we are in the store. From choosing which bag to pick to the final moment of truth when the scissors come out and she opens the bag. Trust me, I get a happy girl while shopping, I get homework done without a single whine, blind bags are GOLD where Alice is concerned. We have a new series to add to our bribe I mean treasure hunting!

So, exactly what are Abatons Animals? Exclusively available at Target.

Abatons are clans of animals in the shape of totems. 25 characters and 15 additional variations, which are rare and ultra rare in Series 1. These include the chase and base characters. The chase characters include the rare, gold-plated Abatons and the ULTRA rare, transparent characters. That means there are 35 Abatons to collect in series 1.

Your Abaton’s Clan name is engraved on the design and the Abaton’s name is on the sticker that is included in the blind bag along with the clan information, two stickers and collection number.

Each of your Abaton’s have their own character profile AND magical powers that protect them! They each live in a specific clan based on their natural environment.  Desert, Ocean, Jungle or Mountain.


If you visit the heart of the Savannah, without knowing it, you will be treading MASSAKKI territory. But surely you will not find them in the Serengeti or in the Masai Mara, for they are annoyed at the continued harassment of the visitors’ chambers, and they are fed up with the Masai feasts. MASSAKKIS like to remain invisible to the human eye and only appear in a photograph if they feel like spoiling tourists’ memories. They are a little playful!


Yes, you can collect them and trade them AND you can head over to the website for directions to play games using your Abatons! Domino’s in our house is a HUGE pass time so we are anxious to play Triple Dominos with our characters.

OR! How about teaching some patience and dexterity? It’s not as easy as it looks to hold Abaton’s together. How many can YOU hold side by side??

Alice and I will be back soon with a video and up-close photo’s of our Abatons!


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