ABC Tracing with Kids Academy!

I truly can’t say it enough, Kids Academy ROCKS!!! The learning apps are phenomenal! Alice is 2 years old and actually writing letters! AND having FUN!!

Alice encouraged and praised with each screen. If she doesn’t trace inside the letter a very positive voice comes on and says it’s okay, lets try again. Alice loves this app! Choose between uppercase and lowercase letters, with the ability to write left handed or right handed.
Male or female voice. Instructions are clear and easy for Alice to follow. First Alice traces the letter following the lines and arrows. Next write the letter without the lines and arrows, just staying within the outline.

It doesn’t mean anything to Alice right now, but eventually she will be thrilled that she can get extra stars for staying in the lines.
-3 stars – for successful task accomplishment at first or second attempt
-2 stars – if they had 3 or 4 goes at tracing and writing
-1 star – if they had more than 5 tries

The graphics are fun, bright and colorful. The voices are encouraging and patient.

The paid app gets you the full alphabet, progress chart for parents and extra profiles.

Grab the ABC app at Amazon or on iTunes Check out Kids Academy Company too for a look at all the apps in one place!!

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