Aennon Work Lights Review

I live in Southern California and when it heats up we end out having rolling brown or black outs to ration our electricity. I KNOW! I KNOW! WHY are you still in California?  Earthquakes, water rationing, fires, traffic and electricity rationing?? BTW, have you SEEN the movie San ANDREAS?!? Staring Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson? I admit I left the theater thinking WHY DO WE LIVE HERE?!!? AND Why do we live so close to the ocean?!?! My shortest answer is 3 Grandbabies.

So are you wondering where I am going with this? Darkness!! Whether you just lost electricity, your working under the sink or under the hood of the car ya need light. I believe that EVERYONE needs good dependable WORK LIGHTS not just flashlights. Having one that you can find in the dark is REALLY COOL!!

Check this out, the Aennon Flashlights have MAGNETS on them. Strong magnets that I can have my flashlight on the fridge. Easy to find. Easy to reach. Even in the dark. Ours are stuck to the side of the refrigerator.

So many reasons to love this large Ultra-Bright LED Work Light hands-free flashlight. First, the two strong base magnets that let you work hands free just about anywhere with a metal surface. There is also a strong 360° rotatable swivel hook so that you can hang your light from any hook anywhere. My favorite is the adjustable pivoting head that tilts up to 270°, allowing you to focus light as needed!! Which means when The Husband is working under the hood of the car I don’t have to hold the flashlight.

This Ultra-Bright LED Work Light has 150 lumens of pure white light output by energy-sufficient COB LED.  The top of the work light has 5 LED top flashlight produces 30 lumens of brightness.

The body is rubberized so it’s shock-proof and water-resistant.

The second Smaller LED Work Light  is super cool!! It’s small and fits great in the palm of your hand. This one is perfect for the glove box. Even though this flashlight is small it’s still is super bright! Equally as durable as it’s larger counterpart. This light also has the strong 360° rotatable swivel hook so you can hang this light anywhere you wish. Another strong magnet let’s you stick this small work light anywhere with a metallic surface. The square design let’s you set this on any side you need. Close up work is easy with another 50 lumens of pure white light output by the long-lasting LEDs. This flashlight is also covered with a rubber plastic finish.


The batteries come WITH these flashlights!! That to me is a HUGE bonus!


Excellent flashlights that stick anywhere, hang anywhere or can be tilted any which way!! Excellent for working in small spaces or just in case there is a black out! PERFECT!!



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