Ageless Face And Neck Cream Review

AgelessAgeless Face And Neck Cream is a miracle in a jar. Not just an Anti-Aging cream, but a rejuvenating and protectant as well.

Ageless Face and Neck Cream is the whole package! A complete anti-aging complex that targets all three sectors in the anti-aging realm: cell regeneration, improved cellular turnover and future protection. Ageless includes next generation Hyalusphere delivery system technology for advanced penetration of encapsulated Hyaluronic Acid, providing a “dewy” complexion.

By a dewy complexion I mean a rosy glow but not a greasy look at ALL. My skin looks refreshed!

My skin looks so great I don’t have to add foundation to my face. At 56 that’s a big bonus!!

Neuropeptides smooth wrinkles, creating a flawless surface to reflect light and exude health. Plant stem cells and tripeptides stimulate the cell regeneration process for more youthful looking skin while Sea Fennel extract and Lactic Acid brighten dulled complexions. Fatty acids and Ceramide 3 restore the protective barrier that seals in moisture and protects against harmful environmental factors.

While Ageless Face and Neck is perfection for mature skin, it is also suitable for all skin types. However it is not recommended for sensitive skin.

I use Ageless Face and Neck in the mornings and in the evenings on my clean and dried skin. I add my serums under Ageless in the evening and Ageless alone in the mornings. My skin never feels greasy or oily.


I am so impressed with the Ageless jar itself. Push down on the top of the jar and exactly enough product for my face comes up. A second pump for my neck. No more dipping my fingers into a jar. Everything stays fresh. I’m not wasting any product and I’m not allowing germs or bacteria into the product. LOVE that!!


A small whine would be the scent; it smells like curry to me. The scent is strong when you first put it on but it goes away quickly. Buy the time I finish brushing my teeth the scent is gone. The benefits outweigh the few minutes of curry scent.

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  • Tamra Phelps

    I could tolerate the curry scent if it really works! My skin used to be oily, but after diabetes hit, my skin has become very dry. (Skin issues are a seldom talked about symptom of diabetes. Before I experienced it, I had never heard of diabetic skin!) I’m always trying new skin moisturizers, etc.

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