AIRbrush Makeup System


I’ve added a new beauty product to my wish list!!  I want an AIRbrush Makeup System. It would be so awesome to have perfectly done make up every day, wouldn’t it? The AIRbrush Makeup system is fast and easy to use. I could have flawless and radiant skin in just a few minutes!!
I like that the AIRbrush delivers sheer coverage that I can add too. Wouldn’t it be cool to have natural looking and totally weightless make up in about the same time it takes you to put on your make up right now?
The AIRbrush Makeup System has the AIRbrush, AIRcompressor, AIRbrush Cradle, Flex AIRhouse, A/C Adapter, TEMPTU’s Quick Start Guide, One Year Warranty and a 60 day money back guarantee. TEMPTU will even throw in two bonus gifts!  A signature makeup bag and 3 pod stand.  With 12 shades of makeup I’m sure to find my color match! The biggest selling point for me is the makeup! It is sweat proof!! I am so tired of starting my day with makeup and having nothing left at the end of the day! The make up is oil free, non comedogenic and hypoallergenic. Seriously, the more I learn the more I want an AIRbrush Makeup System!! I could look and feel like a movie star!  I mean, come on I do live in California after all!! It’s almost mandatory!

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