Airsoft Vests

I’ve been shopping for a vest to carry my camera filters and extra lenses while I am out taking pictures. I started searching for a cheap airsoft vests.  I found this great site! Become

WOW!  This site has 465 entries just for the vests!!  I found one that I really like okay… so I found a few that I really love.  The first one I already X’ed off the list. I figure while S.W.A.T on the back is funny…. but probably not the best pick for hiking.

If you are a paint ball enthusiast this is the place to go!! There are tons of paint ball vests.  There are vests for hunters, law enforcement vests and tactical vests.

There are vests with more pockets than I have STUFF!!
I’m opting for the vest over a bag or backpack just to be able to distribute the weight of all my equipment.  I think this black one is what I’m leaning toward… unless of course that S.W.A.T one makes it back on the list.

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