A Leg Up!

I am just full of great tips for people with special needs this week!! Today’s tip is really COOL!!! It’s called A-Leg-Up Not only is this a handy little item for people with special needs, but pretty awesome for ME TOO!!!

A-Leg-Up really is a great tool for anyone with back problems, knee problems or just doesn’t want to sit in a weird position to do tasks like painting your toe nails!! Ohhh, I have your attention now don’t I??!?

A-Leg-Up is a platform that you slip between the mattress and box springs of your bed. A-Leg-Up is a sturdy tool that’s 16.6 inches long. This one is making my life easier AND DH’s too!! Not only have we used A-Leg-Up but so has my daughter Selena and my granddaughter Alice too!!  DH for clipping toenails. Alice, Selena and myself for painting our toes!  I have to say,we’ve never, everrrrr painted Alice’s toes so easily before!!! She kept her foot still and steady in the A-Leg-Up.

Not only can you paint your toe nails, BUT you can do so much more!!! From tying your shoes to applying foot powder. Trim your toe nails with ease!  The super long handle is also a shoe horn. EASILY put your shoes on!!

Between my body weight and the placement of A-Leg-Up between the mattress and the box springs, I find the platform is firmly in place and my foot feels very stable!!  I pull the platform out from the mattress about one to one and a half inches from the bed.  You can use the platform with either side up. With the cute little feet side up had Alice’s attention so painting her toes was a cinch! When I am all done using A-Leg-Up I just push the platform all the way between the mattress and box springs. Out of the way!! Easy to find next time I want to use it!

You could even use A-Leg-Up with a couch or over stuffed chair, that is if you have cushions that are removable.

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This may be the perfect tool for those that have trouble with there backs, knees or hip problems. But, truly I’ve never painted my toes this easily before. E-V-E-R!!! 2 thumbs way UP!!!

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