AMINY Wireless Earphone Set! Comfy & Secure!!

The Husband has Multiple Sclerosis which means shaky hands among other things.  So finding him a headset that he can use comfortably and easily get in his ear is not always an easy task.

These wireless earphones from AMINY fit the bill perfectly.  They fit firmly inside the ear and hold comfortably around the top.  With the battery resting behind your ears.  This is also very good for sharing music! Especially with 6-year-old Alice, her little ears never hold the tiny ear buds. These rest easily around her ear.

Starting with the range, you can be 33 FEET away from the device and still hear crisp, clean sound.

Charging time is only 1.5 hours for 8 full hours of talk time. Now, I don’t know about you but, there isn’t anyone I want to talk to for 8 hours straight. Nope. NO! Not even Alice. The stand by time is 200 hours.

The earphone set is very lightweight so it’s comfortable to wear all day long.

Set up was super easy. Pairing was a breeze. I was able to pair it with my iPad and my Samsung Galaxy S8 phone easily and quickly.  Once you pair you get a very nice voice stating Power On, Connected, Right Channel, Left Channel.  When you are done with the headset long press the bottom button (the phone icon button) and you will hear Power Off.

                                                                       Aminy Headset                      Bluetooth wireless headset

The sounds are crisp and clean. No complaints there at all.

There are controls on the earbuds themselves but you have to push them so hard that I just do my adjusting on my phone screen.

The headset comes with a USB charging cord that splits off to allow you to charge both earbuds at the same time. The charging port is hidden on the bottom of each ear piece.  The charging port closes with a small silicone cover.

Wireless earbuds Wireless earbuds earbuds


There are controls on the wireless earbuds themselves but you have to push them so hard it hurts my delicate little ears! (okay, fine. NOT so delicate) However, that is the reason I do my adjusting on my phone.  When I don’t have my phone in my hand it’s annoying, the volume button only allows you to go to the highest volume then you can basically start over at the lowest setting.

Of course my “Shake The Walls” with base son Zachary only gave these one thumb up. He doesn’t think there is enough base. I think they are wonderful. I listen to a lot of old school rock-n-roll and country music. I’m pleased.

I do like that these are perfect for workouts too because of the IPX 5 certified, rain, sweat won’t ruin these earbuds.

Overall, great set of headphones!

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  • Mike burrage

    I received these today and the right side want sync at all. The left works fine. My wife also has the same set for her phone and they both work fine. I know I am doing it right. What do I need to do at this point?

  • CJ

    I am oldschool and always used wired headphones… but I do realize this is becoming passé. I need to look into this.. I go through headphones and earbuds constantly….

  • Rosie

    These sound nice! I’ve never tried wireless earphones, I want to look into this. The earphone set I have catches my hair, that I’m trying to grow out, and I freak out when I see taking off the earphones has yanked out more hair. I need these!

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