AMOSTING S911 35MPH 2.4GHz Remote Control Monster Truck – Red

Okay, okay I do not want to hear any ‘women drivers’ cracks! But, well, I took our new Monster Truck out for its inaugural run and well, broke a Rear Connecting Rod. Yup. Snapped that puppy right in two. It took me ohhhh about 6 minutes. Thankfully there are spare parts available on Amazon.


This radio controlled Monster Truck is so much FUN!!! It’s FAST!! 35 miles-an-hour fast! I know that there are RC trucks and cars that go faster, but to me 35 miles-an-hour in a small 1/12 scale truck is pretty darn fast! I was having a blast with this truck!! I admit that I knew nothing about radio control cars and trucks and I did immediately go to FULL SPEED ahead! I raced this puppy like I was a Nascar driver! Had I started out slow and actually learned to control the truck first I wouldn’t have snapped the rear connecting rod.

This truck is lightweight and looks rugged!!

The car body is easily removed by removing 4 small pins. Once the pins are removed you can unlatch the battery compartment. The battery unsnaps easily. The batteries charge in about 2 hours. The AMOSTING S911 Monster Truck runs for 12 minutes on a charge. You’ll have so much fun you’re going to want to grab more batteries. (And a couple Rear Connecting Rods too! Just sayin’)

The truck can go around 120 feet in seconds. You will also start to lose signal around the same.

The truck is very, very responsive. There’s a lot of torque in that little baby. The throttle and steering are very sensitive so start out slow. (Also don’t give it to ME to test before anyone else!!)

The AMOSTING S911 Monster Truck arrives fully assembled.  Most of the truck is made of plastic, which really makes it scream off and of course that means that parts can and will break easily when you slam the truck into a wall.

We took this truck into the dirt, on the sidewalk, into the water and we had SO MUCH FUN!!!


I do wish the rear connecting rod was stronger. Or maybe just a big warning sign on the roof of the truck that says “Drive me slow!!” The Husband is just sad he didn’t get to drive it until he repaired it. This truck is super fun!! Repairs or not!



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