And Down Goes The Trees!

We had several trees that worried us each time we had high winds up here on our little mountain.

Trees that were way too close to the house and leaning toward the house. In my mind I could see th

e house completed, new roof, new deck and a downed 80 tree right down the center!

So, we hired a professional to come give us an opinion. He agreed with out observation and down came 3 trees.

With each one Chris stated with authority the tree will lay down right HERE.

No muss. No fuss. EXACTLY where he pointed.

He climbed up the trees, he wheeled that chainsaw with precision and ease.

Did the music scare you? It did me when I was editing! So dramatic! Sorry about the glare. I did NOT want to be outside for that so the video was through the screen.


    • Connie Gruning

      Kate, I hated to see the trees come down. But, I would hate it more if it was in my livingroom! Chris the Tree-guy talked to each tree all the way up. It warmed my heart. I so agree he was like a monkey going up and coming down. WHILE wielding a chainsaw! Amazing!

  • Nancy C

    Wow, that’s precision! We had two trees taken down in our yard last year but they had really wide trunks. It was scary watching it in person!

  • Dana Rodriguez

    We live in the woods as well and I am always worried a tree will come down on the house. They need at the very least to be trimmed but we rent and getting someone to trim them is impossible.

  • Robert Phelps

    I’m always worried about big trees near the house when it storms. He looks like being up a tree with a chainsaw is like ‘ho hum, just another day at the office.’

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