Angry Orange For Tough Pet Odors!

WOW! That’s the best way to start this review. Do you have a new puppy? An older pet? One that doesn’t always make it to the yard or the litter box in enough time? Truly, that animal urine scent is over powering when you walk in a room. I have found that there is no amount of room freshener that will mask that scent.

Hello, Angry Orange. First, love the name and the label.

Angry Orange was originally developed as an agricultural and industrial product aimed at eliminating livestock and poultry production odors. Not only was Angry Orange used in feedlots , sludge-ponds, poultry farms and rendering plants. It became a huge success and far surpassed estimated effectiveness. It was also discovered as an effective odor control and disinfectant product for the pet industry as well.Used by pet waste removal companies and boarding kennels. The rest is history.

Seriously, if Angry Orange can control those kind of odors imagine how great it will do in your home! Removing all types of pet odors AND stains including dog urine , cat urine, litter box odors. Angry Orange will also work on pet odor in the yard and remove pet odor from concrete, hard wood floors and carpet.


A little Angry Orange goes a long way, it comes in a highly concentrated form. One 8 ounce bottle of Angry Orange makes four; 32 oz spray bottles. If you mix your Angry Orange in a standard 32 ounce spray bottle add two ounces of Angry Orange. This is so cost effective!! WOW!! I keep a spray bottle handy for a quick room freshener.

I am thoroughly and completely in love with Angry Orange! Not only does it help with those little puppy accidents, but it cleans the carpet stains too!! BONUS!! My house smells so good!! Like fresh oranges!

Not only does Angry Orange take care of pet odor and clean stains from the carpet but; you can use it on tile. A cap full in the kitty litter box takes away all that bad smell. All of that and it’s super safe! Angry Orange is non toxic, 100% all natural and it’s also biodegradable. Angry Orange is a cold press custom formula derived from the oil found in orange peels. Angry Orange meets all FDA-GRAS standards.

Don’t have a pet? It’s okay; Angry Orange does so much more! I clean my sink, toilets and tub with Angry Orange. It’s fantastic on my stainless steal sink!! So shiny and smells divine!


Hello? My house smells like FRESH oranges! YUM!! Two very enthusiastic thumbs WAY, WAY, WAY UP for Angry Orange!!



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