Animal Traks! Cutest Flip Flops EVER!!!


It’s spring, spring, spring! Although here in Southern California it’s been getting hot! I think we missed spring and went straight to summer! So, the beach, the pool are places that we spend a lot of our time! Especially since 5-year-old Alice get’s out of Kindergarten at 1pm! The hottest time of day. That pool is an amazing way to cool off.

When we aren’t in the mood to swim we have lots of other great options for entertainment. We live super close to LEGOLAND California, San Diego Safari Park and the San Diego Zoo.

You are probably wondering where I’m going with our fun afternoon excursions aren’t you? We want to tell you about Animal Traks. The CUTEST Flip Flops EVER!!
Animal TraksFirst, these look like regular high-end flip-flops on the top. Great colors. Fun designs. The toe area or the thong area is made of soft neoprene fabric. Soft on little feet! Soft but strong! Really strong. The toe post is glued to the base of the sole. Since there are tons of layers between the base and the top of these flip-flops. These flip-flops are so well made I’m 100 certain these shoes will be handed down to other kids in the family.

So? They are cute. Well made too. But what else?

Cute on top and super FUN on the bottom!! As in the bottoms have Animal TRAKS on them!!
Animal Traks Flip flops

Alice had a hard time choosing which animal she wanted. As I read the list of animals that she could choose from she said yes to each. I had to keep reminding her there were more choices.

Wolf Prints ♥ Tiger Paws ♥ Bear Paw ♥ T-Rex

There are also color choices!! We finally decided on pink Wolf Prints.  Alice was GIDDY when these arrived!! The first thing she realized was the comfort! These are not flimsy, flat flip-flops. Animal Traks have substance!

Animal Traks

Animal Traks

Right away that the pool area meant she left WOLF prints everywhere which was almost as fun as swimming!


What are the flip flops sizes?
Small (size 11, length 7″),
Medium (size 13, length 7 1/2″),
Large (size 2, length 8 1/8″)

I recommend buying your child a size larger than his or her foot, that way your kids get to enjoy being animals a little longer!

I am very impressed with how thick the animal prints are on the bottoms. Even with as much walking we do during the week these prints will last and last!! Animal Traks
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animal traks Flip Flops!


These flip-flops are so well made they will last through more than one child. How many flip-flops can you say that holds true for?  NOT many!! These are cute and fun. The colors and designs are fun. The whole design is AWESOME!! Alice loves these flip-flops.



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