April 7th Photo-A-Day When I Wake Up

Prepare to be jealous. I still can’t believe the amazing view we are blessed with. When we lived in California our view was bumper to bumper cars on the street. An apartment complex. A yard with dirt so hard that nothing would grow and a house that seemed to shrink every year. Our new master bedroom is bigger than 4 rooms combined in the Vista house. The area of town we lived in was getting worse and worse by the day. Even with double paned windows the noise outside from stereos, cars and what seemed to be endless parties would make the walls shake.

Our new home in Sandpoint, Idaho is a total 180° from the house in Vista. First, the house is big enough that The Husband and I aren’t constantly side by side. Which is a huge factor to my sanity!!! Being retired and together 24/7 The Husbands survival depends on this!! The view is spectacular! The sunsets are amazing. The quiet. Ahhhhhhhhhh the quiet.

When left home at 18, from a farm in Yoder, Colorado (where the house sat in the center of 480 acres) I swore I would never, EVER miss the quiet. At 60, I realize I was SO WRONG!! Our house in Idaho is so quiet. Inside and OUTSIDE! You can actually hear the birds. You can hear the train going through town. You can hear the creek that is down the road. You can hear the deer snort that they want corn. Turkeys and their gobbling. But you don’t hear music. Voices. No arguing. No sirens. Peace and quiet. AND STUNNING beauty!!

When we moved here the smartest investment we made was the bed that adjusts. (It was supposed to help me with my snoring. It does not. I’m still loud as Mount Vesuvius erupting).

Here is where you will start getting jealous. The Husband and Bear come upstairs and wake me up with a mug of hot coffee. (I KNOW!!! I am SO FRIGGIN’ SPOILED!!!)   I adjust the bed so I’m sitting up. Bear get’s her belly rubbed. The Husband gives me the cliff notes version of world news. Sometimes I even listen!  Mostly, I’m just watching the birds in the trees or just staring at the river.

Just so you aren’t totally green with jealousy remember I just climbed up 45 stairs to take these pictures…….

SERIOUSLY!! Am I blessed or what?!?!

I wish the day wasn’t so gloomy looking but, even a cloudy day has beauty up here. I used the panoramic view feature on my phone.

BTW this master bedroom is big enough for a comfy chair, coffee table that was seriously TOO big for LIVING-ROOM in the Vista house; side table, king size bed 2 dressers, 2 night stands and so much space!!!!!!!!!!! This is like a fancy persons room (yes, the hillbilly in me is in AWE!!)

Of course I have to include Bear in my post! How cute is this face!??!


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